marching band music…sing loudly, don’t worry too much about lyrics

marching music please…. just try ignoring the band blaring out the Sousa beat, adoring crowds lining the streets… drummers drumming, flutes tweeting, symbols clashing… but I digress.       Back in the day I was a Girl Scout leader, and part of my duty as such was to lead the girls down the main street during the Memorial Day Parade (or other parade.)   … Continue reading marching band music…sing loudly, don’t worry too much about lyrics

Time Cat Band…Akron, Ohio Porchrokr Music Festival at Will Christy Park

  This is shameless promotion!    I admit it.    The Band is TIME CAT, a local Akron, Ohio band which happens to be my granddaughter as vocalist, guitarist. Time Cat was the headliner band at this event, which was sponsored by the Highland Square Neighborhood Association.   Included were up to 130 area bands, which performed on front porches of various Highland homeowners. I am also including … Continue reading Time Cat Band…Akron, Ohio Porchrokr Music Festival at Will Christy Park

never say never

One of my favorite places where  I’ve never been on the deck of a sailing ship, out on the ocean. The boards are thick and smell of pine, as a ballroom floor with satiny  shine… o’er looking green hills that slope to the sea. Where sweet maidens whirl in fine silk dresses in powdered faces and warm shining  eyes, dancing in time with the orchestra’s strains. Back on my ship … Continue reading never say never

Memories of violins

violins play duets oblivious to the single and lonely cello ∼ violins play on, wailing the night hours away prolonging first light ∼ …for melancholy the sad violins shivered shuddering their pain ∼ melodies so sweet my filling heart could explode in countless splinters ∼ inside closed eyelids music can conquer the soul all become as one ∼ magical fingers set free tonal notes of … Continue reading Memories of violins

Hearing things? just music

My alarm clock is very unpredictable, except for its accurate time-keeping function and punctuality of the alarm sound.   That sound can only be described as “annoying” and it is that very feature that accounts for the alarm clock’s longevity on my dresser. The original electronic tune–original to that particular clock–is SO annoying that it has remained my favorite over decades because of its ear-grating sound … Continue reading Hearing things? just music

John Lennon’s 75th birthday concert

Nostalgia as misty eyes fantasize o’er years swimming past in ages– eyes fill as an ocean chest fills with emotion, the heart feels a notion of turning pages same old-same old…again our world at the brink of war Dejavú is but a point of view hearing and feeling the beat of the music…again.  Don’t know whether to cry or to sing, or what to want … Continue reading John Lennon’s 75th birthday concert

What was that song again?

While reading up on some of my favorite blogs a little while ago one of the bloggers mentioned Wyoming.  I looked at the gorgeous photos and immediately a line from a song, or rather a phrase from the song, which ended with: “…you know that Wyoming will be your new home…” popped into my head. With the melody running through my mind, searching my memory … Continue reading What was that song again?