never say never

One of my favorite places where  I’ve never been
on the deck of a sailing ship, out on the ocean.
The boards are thick and smell of pine,
as a ballroom floor with satiny  shine…
o’er looking green hills that slope to the sea.
Where sweet maidens whirl in fine silk dresses
in powdered faces and warm shining  eyes,
dancing in time with the orchestra’s strains.

Back on my ship with the music still dancing
and humming gay tunes that remember …
my heart yearns for places that might have been;
for the deck boards of pine that echo sweet tunes
wafting o’er the salt-tinged breezes of  memories…
or dreams…of nights that might have existed
in one of my favorite places where I’ve never been.

© Sometimes, 2016

Soundtrack of my Life…

If there were a movie about my life, there would be a certain song or instrumental for each segment.
Childhood: Itty Bitty Fishie in the Itty Bitty Pool
Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats, and Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Teen: Vaughan Monroe, Ghost Riders in the Sky
Bill Haley and the Comets, Thirteen Women…on the flip side of Rock Around the Clock.
Third Man Theme
Peg O’My Heart

Work Era: Bizet, Carmen
Mario Lanza, Song Angels Sing
Be My Love
David Carroll’s band, In a Persian Market
I Love Paris
Song of India

CCR, Heard it on the Grapevine
CCR, Bad Moon Rising
CCR, Green River

Stevie Nicks, Edge of 17
Knights in White Satin long version

Roberta Flack, Sometimes…all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you

I Think I love you

Juke Box Hero

Nal Diamond, Holly Holy

Im Saving my money to Buy You a rainbow

Johnny Horton, Battle of New Orleans

Beatles Yellow Submarine, Eleanor Rigsby

Rock Music…come by that obsession honestly, the Beatles hit the stage in 19whatever along with Elvis Presley. Then the kids came along and when they were teenagers (in the 1970s and 1980s the house and car were filled with pop music of those years.

Sing, Sing, sing (Jimmy Dorsey, I think)


These are some of the songs and intrumentals that I love. Some, like Grapevine and Knights in White Satin, the long instrumentals that I would sit in the car listening in rapture until the song ended. That was in the days when the car radio was the only portable music maker we had, and unless we had the music on a record (45 rpm, or 33 rpm) at home, and a phonograph, that was about it.

That list dates me, I suppose. But this is my list of favorite music.

Memories of violins

violins play duets
oblivious to the single
and lonely cello

violins play on,
wailing the night hours away
prolonging first light

…for melancholy
the sad violins shivered
shuddering their pain

melodies so sweet
my filling heart could explode
in countless splinters

inside closed eyelids
music can conquer the soul
all become as one

magical fingers
set free tonal notes of gold
caress strings of steel

© Sometimes, 2016

Hearing things? just music

My alarm clock is very unpredictable, except for its accurate time-keeping function and punctuality of the alarm sound.   That sound can only be described as “annoying” and it is that very feature that accounts for the alarm clock’s longevity on my dresser.

The original electronic tune–original to that particular clock–is SO annoying that it has remained my favorite over decades because of its ear-grating sound quality.  The tune is what accounts for its success as an alarm…it assures my immediate rising to turn the thing OFF.     As an extra precaution I have always kept the clock, which is also a telephone, out of my reach, so that it requires getting out of bed and walking across the room.   It is not a radio, and I no longer use it as a telephone, just as an alarm, and as I said before– it does keep perfect time.

About two years ago the clock started to play tunes that were not programmed into its memory.   The first few times this happened I chalked it up to Dreaming.  I have always been a avid dreamer, and hearing music in dreams is not anything unusual.

The first (real) tune I heard was Loch Lomand, –which has the lyrics: “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road, and I’ll be in Scotland a’fore ye; For me and my true love will never meet again, on the Bonny Bonny banks of Loch Lomand. ”   [I always thought it was Loch Loming…but google spells it Lomand.]

Again, I recognized the tune, and  I know the words (more or less) to the song.  Still, I did not mention this music to anyone, and continued to assume it part of a Dream.  But over time the musical repertoire changed now and then, to include other songs that I know well–such as “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”;  “When The Saints Come Marching In” and others.

One exception to the hymns is a favorite of mine by the Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR):  “Bad Moon Rising.”  

This morning a rousing hymn, one of my favorite ecumenical hit favorites, woke me out of a sound sleep.   (Purists please forgive me for my misquoted words of the hymn…)  “Holy! Holy! Holy!…. Lord God Almighty, God in three persons ……blessed trinity.”      This great hymn is always best enjoyed (in my opinion) in a large church with one of those enormous pipe organs…nothing swells the heart like a giant church organ with an expert at the keyboard.

So, back to my entertaining alarm clock.

OK, I do joke about this impromptu concert that occurs occasionally….it is something of a phenomenon.  I do find it interesting, and invariably I hum and/or sing the featured songs all day when they start off my morning.    This music always sounds like an orchestra, with a large choir of voices.  It is always a complete verse of a song that I know, it never just trails off…it sounds like a recording to me.

Seriously, I do wonder about this music.  Aside from the strange looks I get from most people when I mention it, I did a google search once and found a thread in which “music from nowhere” was discussed.   One theory was that people who had had recent dental work might be picking up radio waves.   Someone else had it only when their head was placed on a pillow with the ear covered…suggesting pyschic or mental reception from the brain…rather than the air.  (No comments required 🙂

I know…you’re all thinking “Twilight Zone.”   Maybe so.  Maybe it’s a haunted contraption, my telephone-alarm system.    Could it be an adjacent alternate-reality?  Ah, even I think that is unlikely.       Maybe I am dreaming when it occurs, perhaps an inner-ear condition–I admit to being hard of hearing.   There has never been another person present when the concert occurs…just a cat, usually Tinkerbell, who probably hears about as well as I do (she is in her eighteenth year.)  I have considered that possibility and have glanced at her and any other cat that happens to be around at the time to see if there is a response.   There isn’t.

Oddly, this mysterious music does NOT occur in place of the alarm sound…only at odd times during the night when I am sound asleep.  Also–the cats DO respond to the actual alarm–I have tried to no avail to train my cats to turn off the alarm, but they either don’t get it…or they refuse to even try it.   All they would have to do is touch the alarm button with their foot…how difficult is that?

John Lennon’s 75th birthday concert

Nostalgia as misty eyes fantasize o’er
years swimming past in ages–
eyes fill as an ocean
chest fills with emotion,
the heart feels a notion of turning pages

same old-same old…again
our world at the brink of war

Dejavú is but a point of view
hearing and feeling the beat
of the music…again.  Don’t know
whether to cry or to sing,
or what to want more than anything

same old-same old…again
our world at the brink of war  

To breathe with the rhythm
of music of the heart
marking the beat in time passing;
recalling  dreams and
memories — the soul in part.

same old-same old…again
our world at the brink of war

Sometimes the longing is near too much
to bear the emptiness within–
the yawning chasm, the
lonely heart caught in a spasm,
aching to escape into the rotating prism.

same old-same old…again
our world
at the brink of war

What was that song again?

While reading up on some of my favorite blogs a little while ago one of the bloggers mentioned Wyoming.  I looked at the gorgeous photos and immediately a line from a song, or rather a phrase from the song, which ended with: “…you know that Wyoming will be your new home…” popped into my head.

With the melody running through my mind, searching my memory banks for the rest of the song, I mentally tried on at least two other folk music ditties, but when I looked up the lyrics at    [ ]   neither  included any reference to Wyoming.

I erroneously recalled a mention of the city of Laredo. Following that lead through Google I came up with the old cowboy song ,,.“Streets of Laredo” sometimes called “The Cowboy’s Lament.”   Nope, not about Wyoming.

Then I recalled a song I always liked from the 1970s….. “Oh, do you remember Sweet Betsy from Pike?”   Betsy was the gal who “… crossed the big mountain with her lover, Ike.”     The melody sort of fit, but they didn’t end up in Wyoming either.

 Finally it came to me, the song I wanted was “Git along Little Dogies.”…yippee aye ky oh…”      (or words to that effect.)  It was indeed  the young calves who were being taken via cattle drive to their new home in Wyoming.  

Glad that was settled or I would have been frantically searching for hours.

These great songs have been performed over a good many years by artists such as Burl Ives, Johnny Cash, and The Weavers.

I will not sing for you, readers, because the only fans of my singing are my cats–who love my rendition of the good old tune sung in Waltz dance time.

“Casey would waltz with the strawberry blonde,

and the band played on….

he’d whirl cross the floor with the girl he adored,

and the band played on… 

he’d get so excited he nearly ignited…

the poor girl would shake with alarm…

he married the girl with the strawberry curl–

and the band played on!”