Faded Glory: Red Tulips

tulips close

Yes, I know…we’ve seen these tulips before in various stages…but this shot of their Last Hurrah, which I took on a whim just shooting photos for the heck of it, pleases me.   I like the way the edges of the flowers reflect the light.     They have had a longer life because of our unpredictable northern Ohio weather: snow, thaw, warm, hot, warmish, cool, warm again, cool again.      (photo © Sometimes,2017)

….a surprise in my Tree Garden

My gardening is about as haphazard as my housekeeping.   Plants and trees just sort of fend for themselves, and left to their own devices they never cease to amaze me.    Years ago, when I first built this house, planted assorted trees and other plants….not counting the volunteers in my notorious “tree garden.”      One of the prettiest of my flowering varieties, with marvelous pink flowers, kept pace with another ornamental tree nearby…until we had an especially cold winter about five years ago which froze out and killed quite a lot of specimen in this area.   Although it has been apparent that this tree was indeed defunct, what with its growth covering of lichen.   The branches literally disintegrated to the point where many were removed by the wind itself.

Ever the optimist, last year I determined that among the miscellaneous plant life growing in the vicinity, several shoots were thought to be trees, but their species was quite unknown to me, and could be one of numerous trees in the near neighborhood.      So I let the people that wield weed-wappers and chainsaws, and such, in the area…that these weed-appearing growths are to be left alone.    The tree itself kept developing lichen, and chunks of it kept falling off…I could push the whole thing over if so inclined.

This morning my daughter (who lives next door) and I went for a walk around the place and I pointed out the tree, and its new growth.   The bark of the tree has reminded me of cherry tree bark, and the shoots were developing thickness enough to see that the bark was the same.   As my eye traveled up the tree…there were three pink flowers…which I recognized as being related to the tree in question, and a closer look found two more blossoms further down the branches.

I of course ran in the house to grab my camera.   My first shots were badly over exposed, with the sun high up behind the blossoms, so that the sky was bright and drowned out the delicate pink color.   Each blossom is about an inch in diameter.




New Growth in front, next to the original tree.  


Tree covered with lichen and moss.  New growth behind.



A long shot toward the North, the barn and Tree Garden on the left rear,  the subject tree with the blossoms hanging from a new growth branch…the original tree to the right.
DSC00630 (2)
Welcome blossoms!   




Friday was beautiful…75 degrees F.       On Saturday the cold and snow came in!   The photos may serve as reminders of the Summer of 2016.   (as of November 18-19, 2016)


Glorious Red Maple, w/evergreen



Long view



Assortment of Leaves at My Place



Felix and Mawkin talkin’ about the weather




Last of the Daisies



A blue-eyed Daisy.



Eastern Path into the Tree Garden



Rock in the Leaves 



Center Path



Heading North-East



Clown Shadow 



Center Fork



Bittersweet House



Mid Garden Maple



Shadowy Intrigue



Ring-a-thing, with Shadow






Rock of Ages 








Close-up  Surprise



Chair in Shadows



Late-bloomers Peek Out



Not only late, but protected by the chair because the plants grew among the maze-stones.



Here We Are!


Have a Coffee?

What’s new this morning?
We have run out of coffee.
Real coffee, that is,
that comes in a container
and needs to be brewed…
we have the kind in a jar.

To me…no matter…
coffee is coffee I say:
as long as its black,
not too weak or strong in taste,
hot enough for me.
Though some turn up their noses.

New and improved
mixes well in cold water….
no annoying foam!
Just pop in the microwave
’til the timer dings,
Fresh  Coffee!   Without the fuss!

Alas! For purists,
who may plaintively lament,
craving  “real” coffee …
my suggestion is simple:
as Grandma would say—
“Have a cup of TEA!”

© Sometimes, 2016



A Puff Ball Mushroom

Image result for puffball mushrooms

This is a photo from an online collection.  It is a foot wide at its diameter,.  This is just like the ones that grow in my yard sometimes after a heavy rain. They are edible, but due caution is needed to make sure that what ya think is a puff ball is indeed that.

These big ball-like mushrooms are fairly common around where we live, in Northern Ohio.  In fact there was one next door that I wanted to photograph, but forgot about it before I had my camera in my hands.    They appear in fields or forest areas after heavy rains.