Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

  ONE resolution: this year SOMETIMES (THE BLOG) will return to the my Top, #1, Main Pursuit…..every day. Last year, 2017, was not my best year for writing and working on my blog.    Current events interfered with my goal, which was to put writing with a capital W at the top of my “things to do list.”      Oh sure, my postings were … Continue reading Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

Originally posted on Gronda Morin:
It is bad enough that the republicans in the US Congress are hard at work to pass their 2017 Donor/ Corporation tax cut bill around December 19, 2016, which does little to grow the economy; where the economy is on an upswing and unemployment numbers are low, where at least 1 trillion dollars will be added to the deficit; where… Continue reading Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

Betrayal in Utah—a Sad Poem

Bears Ears—Listening in Pain Sacred are the lands once protected by more honorable men… betrayal stings by smiling lies Navaho gods are weeping, for the fork-tongued leader has betrayed their hearts Let thunder crash as the deed becomes known in shameful terms— greed and deceit are the law of the land Drums echo in the desert valleys, vibrating the monuments of the ages now damp … Continue reading Betrayal in Utah—a Sad Poem

Johnson’s Island, Confederate officers prison on Lake Erie, Ohio (Part Two)

(all photos on this page © Sometimes, 2017)   These photos were taken in May 1981 by Bob Dreger, my late husband. The island prison housed Confederate military officers who were originally  captured during Civil War battles, and imprisoned  at Camp Chase, Columbus Ohio.   The object was to separate the officers from the rank-and-file soldiers and house them in the Northern prison where they remained until … Continue reading Johnson’s Island, Confederate officers prison on Lake Erie, Ohio (Part Two)

Historiography at work

Historiography is the study of History.    It was one of my favorite mandatory seminars as a grad student at the University of Akron. One of my friends and cohorts here in Blog Land, raised a very interesting point in  a comment on how the Historians of 100 years from now would treat the scenario in rage now of the Great Republican Plan to Obliterate the Obama … Continue reading Historiography at work

the dance of the miscreants, a fairy-tale?

… and all of the miscreants danced in a ring singing and clapping and everything. Chicken Little handed out cups with holes in the bottoms… and urged everyone to please help themselves. Uncle Paul smirked and grinned, and dreamed when he slept, of clever tricks and double crosses. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, sent out engraved linen notes that read: “Be here or else—but mind … Continue reading the dance of the miscreants, a fairy-tale?

the trouble with time limits

Every election, and whenever the subject comes up in between elections, there is a big “thing” about term limits. “Throw ’em all out…ALL of them.”      This seems like a good idea…on the face of it…except that it would almost always be a disaster.     This point of view is often described as “clear the swamp.”      I like my clichés to have literal meaning, so when someone … Continue reading the trouble with time limits

Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

There should be a rule on commenting protocol requiring at least (if not a working knowledge) mini-common sense. Every school age child with a mite’s  intelligence should have learned restraint in matters of opinion… at least a few facts. No one should ever consider as an expert smart snappy comments… an internet free-for-all sans supervision. Our Rule Number One: Start out with a set of clues, … Continue reading Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

A Re-blog of “EU Mission to Mars; no thanks” by Calers. With commentary from a space-nut.

Originally posted on Calers's Blog:
The EU has many urgent needs. A mission to Mars is not one of them. Greece may need another bailout. The EU is trying to form an army. There is massive illegal immigration. Many EU states have terrifyingly large deficits. The PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) still suffer from massive unemployment. Among the young this is beyond massive.… Continue reading A Re-blog of “EU Mission to Mars; no thanks” by Calers. With commentary from a space-nut.


Originally posted on Jnana's Red Barn:
Oh, these polemic rants! Maybe they become endless? There’s always injustice and inequality and those who would cheat us. Sin, in other words, inflicted on the public. Bring on the repentance and cleansing. So that’s the underlying struggle, it’s over spiritual values and action in motion or their lack, whether the candidate and the party are pressing for… Continue reading THIS UNREST IN ITS WIDER FRAMEWORK (Re-Blog from Jnana’s Red Barn)

rats and sinking ships

Donald Trump finally succeeded in shocking his fellows… now he’s watching in dismay while they scramble to jump ship. It was OK when Mr T made nasty remarks about Megan and Rosie and Miss Universe that were just worthy of snickers… his followship barely wrinkled. The insane idea of using the nukes as long as they are stacked up waiting to annihilate or “educate” various … Continue reading rats and sinking ships

Observations and Gossip

Wow!   Just WOW!   That’s a new IN saying, has anyone noticed?    It is a simple phrase that can be applied to most any situation. Admiration…Wow!  Did you check the CNN anchor’s HAIR!   Wow!  I haven’t decided if I like her hair that way or not.   Between you and me, it may be a tad TOO blonde.   In fact, while on that subject…have you noticed how … Continue reading Observations and Gossip

The Butler would have done it…

I always thought that it was against the law to threaten the life of any politician…let alone the President of the United States!   Isn’t that called  TREASON?    This nasty, goofy old idiot–the butler–is he going to be allowed to get away with this business?   I really would expect the FBI to come bursting in the door, guns blazing, and drag the potty-mouthed guy out the … Continue reading The Butler would have done it…

The News

Every day–as if by magic there’s a new crisis to cover each worse and more tragic; The Angel of Death faithfully will hover over events which appear strategic, choreographed, and artistic maneuvers directed by an invisible hand– that is not necessarily beneficial. Breathless reporters thrilled with new news, of open skies storming–ice defying global warming: topics discussed and promoted in a myriad of views…put forth … Continue reading The News