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Wow!   Just WOW!   That’s a new IN saying, has anyone noticed?    It is a simple phrase that can be applied to most any situation.

Admiration…Wow!  Did you check the CNN anchor’s HAIR!   Wow!  I haven’t decided if I like her hair that way or not.   Between you and me, it may be a tad TOO blonde.   In fact, while on that subject…have you noticed how so many of those women are blonde?–even the brunettes are blonde.  How come there aren’t any redheads?   It used to be de rigeur, back in the day, to try to get an equal number of blondes, brunettes, and redheads.  This will probably date me, but how about Betty Grable, Hedy Lamaar, and Rita Hayworth???   Huh??? (wink wink)

Say what?    NO…I really like blondes.   I love blondes.    And furthermore, to demonstrate that I am definitely NOT sexist…I also love “blonds.”  That’s how fair-haired MEN should be described.    In my family, which is VERY-extended, there are always lots of blonde/blonds.     I always attribute that to our Viking ancestor that someone found back in the family tree.     But to be fair, there are LOTS of ancestors back there….and they all have different colors of hair.

I always ought it was a tremendous rip-off that I had brown hair…nearly black in fact…and my sisters were BLONDES.   My cousins were Blondes.  Even some of my kids are blonde/blonds.      I was always very jealous of this fact.   Once I thought of becoming a redhead, which was what I always wanted to be…but when I tried it the dye (oops…coloring)  that the beautician used produced more of a brassy copper sort-of-maroonish hue.  It was quite remarkable—and WOW! what comments I got.

To get back to the News Media people’s hair,   it always strikes me as incongruous when a striking, intelligent, educated, knowledgeable woman—especially if she is wearing a slinky cocktail dress under her flack jacket—is reporting in a serious and somber no-nonsense tone of voice the latest news about murder and mayhem and general disasters across the world.      I like the more casual hair-styles the news people are allowed out in the wind and rain….by the way, did you SEE what happened when the storm blew up and rain poured down on the CNN broadcast yesterday?      That was a great segment—wind whipping  hair and blowing chairs around?

WOW!    I LOVE that kind of stuff!



The Butler would have done it…

I always thought that it was against the law to threaten the life of any politician…let alone the President of the United States!   Isn’t that called  TREASON?    This nasty, goofy old idiot–the butler–is he going to be allowed to get away with this business?   I really would expect the FBI to come bursting in the door, guns blazing, and drag the potty-mouthed guy out the door in chains.   What ever happened to that?

As for Donald Trump himself…well, folks…all you doubters out there who laughed at the detractors better start thinking pretty soon.   Put on your thinking caps and realize exactly what you guys and gals are thinking you all want in leaders of the government.  WHAT is it that you all really, really want anyway?

As for Paul Ryan, the erstwhile Speaker of the House…good lord, it will be fascinating to see him pull this one off!  I hereby forecast that one day (not in my lifetime probably) Speaker Ryan will be POTUS.   Oh, and another one of my predictions is Marco Rubio.  These guys are The Little Engine that Could personified.

And–did you guys see where TEXAS is planning to secede from the union… again?  And another thing I’ve been wanting to mention is that magnificant shoot-out in the Texas cafe last year.   Talk about a the Perfect Story…it had absolutely everything…motorcycles, guns, pretty girls in gun-belt skivvies hiding under tables…Texas Rangers!!! Oh the possibilities are endless to preserve this priceless legend on the Silver Screen.

Yeah, that Texas shootout was awhile ago, but some of the best film-videos remain to be hauled out on the News Broadcasts on significant anniversaries.   The amazing thing is, I guess, that law enforcement officials are having trouble deciding just who did what and bringing charges to a court of law.  Yer talking about stalwarts of colorful characters there!


The News

Every day–as if by magic
there’s a new crisis to cover
each worse and more tragic;
The Angel of Death faithfully will hover
over events which appear strategic,
choreographed, and artistic maneuvers
directed by an invisible hand–
that is not necessarily beneficial.

Breathless reporters thrilled with new news,
of open skies storming–ice defying global warming:
topics discussed and promoted in a myriad
of views…put forth by the ignorant
who deny their own tunnel vision.
Rivers run dry and farm land floods…
as camels and llamas in opposite hemispheres
suffer cooling of heat zones, and warming the cold.

Pollution and holes in the ozone  layer
threaten the livability of our sustainable atmosphere. Hunger and thirst belies the goodness of Mankind. Terrible catastrophes around the world’s surface bring heartbreak  to the homeless,
compounded by death, and hopeless despair.

All of this bad news is presented by enthusiastic
announcers, who report the daily Big Story.  And if THAT doesn’t provide the viewers with news
worthy of  consumptive tongue-clucking–
there is always news of the antics of the –bejewelled, bewitched, and beautiful–
rich and famous of the world.

© Sometimes, 2016

The Donald’s March to Infamy (re-titled and posted again.)

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.  I had great fun writing it—and I think it is very pertinent at this particular time, less than a week away from the  Election for President of the United States.    I have reposted this before, and I have changed the original title previously as well.


There once was a boy named Donald

Who wanted to  be rich, and grow up to be President

ha ha! said the people as he started to


but he knew what he was doing and had all the cards he needed to


and win the game

opponents screamed like angry cat matrons

and picked on his hair and his noisy patrons

but Donald just said they should “lump it!”

You haven’t a chance, you’re not one of us, they wailed

“is that so?” said Donald as he placed a standing order for tea and crumpets

to serve to his fans to keep them from starving on the campaign trail

His crowd of the faithful grew and grew

’til they filled the land

so they bought him a very big trumpet.

© Sometimes, 2015