Clint Eastwood is HOW old?

So today CNN had a bit about Clint Eastwood talking-tough and badass.    Of course he would like The Donald.      Isn’t he the gun-guy of the “cold-dead-hands” comment?

They had a Clint Eastwood Marathon on   last month.   Not bad…some of them filmed in Arizona, and I do love movies with the desert and mountains in them, plenty of cactus.    And back in the day…wayyy back….Clint Eastwood was one good-looker, especially in cowboy grear—horses and all that.   Beautiful saloon gals, mean cow-pokes, sweet settler women…bad guys, rattlesnakes and the like.

But what were they talking about?   Clint Eastwood the Octogenarian!    The tone of the announcer, Brooke Baldwin, my favorite…and whomever else was commenting in gushing-gutsy admiration about OLD Clint being 86 years old.      They kept marveling at how gutsy and “feisty”—I hate that word!—the old codger was!

Clint Eastwood as Curmudgeon?    I don’t think so.    I would never consider old Clint “cute”—and its a stretch to even think of old Clint as…well…old!

I wish these young’uns would get over the thing about us … ahem… long livers … being  cute old relics.   Let’s hope THEY all live to look back on the days of their youth from elder years with fond memories.

Computing and Surfing the Net Even at My Age

That headline absolutely bugged the bejeezers out of me when I read that a few months ago.  I can’t be sure if the writer was really intrigued with the cuteness of her parents using the computer…good golly!  or if she was being facetious.

Ok.  I admit it.  I have pictures of my pre-school-age great-grand-children working on their computers.   So what if they were doing Barbie-game stuff on the screen?  The point is that these children are growing up with computers.     I also have a photo of my oldest grand-daughter, at 5 years, seated at my old Kaypro II… my first computer back in 1983.   I–who am now considered by many to be in the “old people” category–taught this child to manipulate the computer.

There is an entire manner of ingratiating and solicitous demeanor towards “old people” that is annoying and insulting.  And this is nowhere more apparent than in the “phenomenon” of the older generation moving to computers.

“OMG…you’re using the computer at your age!   Good for you.”

I always want to say to these people– “yes, and if you work at it you too may someday be 80.”

So we have been in the internet era for … what? 30 years?    There has been a healthy push toward making the students “computer literate” for a long time, and SOME schools in some areas have had computers in the classrooms for twenty years..

Right…all children do not have access to a computer.  This is a fact of life.   But when we think about a time not too long ago when some school systems found such basics as pencils and paper at a premium.   In many countries of the world, to this day, education is more of a privilege than a right.

Back to the old-timers with computers.   Cute little old guys and gals, with their walkers and canes, sidling up to their local library’s rows of computers, taking a seat and positioning their fingers on the keyboards.   Guess what…a lot of these people used to work on typewriters!   They were office secretaries and clerk-typists, who may or may not have still been at their typewriters when their companies moved to embrace new computer systems–in the same office.

People who are retired, and presumably have no need to add Computer Science to their work skills, have many individual reasons for wanting to learn to surf the internet.  Their reasons are as wide ad varied as are those of their great-grand-children, who are beginning their school careers on little pink or blue tablets on which they can reach the internet.

I personally know at least two people, adults, one 95 and the other mid-70s, who are learned, educated, active people — they just don’t want to learn to be computer literate.   They wear their “I’m Not Computer Literate and Proud” badges like service medals.   Yet these are the very people who would benefit the MOST from email or “social media,” and would absolutely be in Blue Heaven if they knew what they are missing.   I could draw up personal lists as long as my arm for them, listing specific rewards waiting for them online.

Ok, I admit it.  Mom may not have wanted a new washing machine when her old wringer washer was perfectly good.   The ice-box kept food cold enough, and there really wasn’t a lot of benefit to Grandma to get a new electric refrigerator.

Ha!  The horse was a proven entity, while the automobile was still a novelty.

Well, you get the point.  Us Old People are still able to Compute.