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Here’s a great blog that just came to my attention…different and delightful!    The photos are remarkable.   Thanks for the implied permission to Re-Blog, Maggie Wilson…


The Zombies Ate My Brains

When we were at Florence’s last week, I didn’t take pictures of the interior. Another time, perhaps.

However, I did see some rustic outbuildings that caught my eye. She gave me a very short tour of the grounds. Unfortunately the black flies descended and drove her indoors.

Now that means I not only would like permission to document the original dining and living rooms, I need to get the answer to this note that I found on the barn door:

Don’t Put Anything Near the 2 Windows… Like That Dresser

Here’s what else I found that fills the bill for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Also, a couple of drive sheds and an ore house.

Finally, I couldn’t resist a non-door shot. Florence was telling us how she helped apply the preservative to the wooden shakes that cover her house.

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Thursday Doors is a weekly photo…

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a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

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village blur a glimpse of life.JPG

above is a shot taken years ago, in early 1980s, through the window of a van traveling at high speed along a rural road in Yucatan, near the archeological site of Chichén Itza, Mexico.     At first glance it is just a ruined photo, which is often what an amateur photographer gets when shooting on-the-fly from a grimy vehicle window, speeding down a road.    However, on close inspection, the camera apparently focused automatically on the village scene in a clearing beyond the surrounding jungle and captured this candid scene.   (Cropped close-up image below.)   Image by Robert Dreger, ©Sometimes 2017.

village-blur-a-glimpse-of-life-e1497725886780 CROP



Fairy on her shoulder…Cee’s Thursday Special Photo Exercise: juxtaposition


connie smile (3)
Cropped Photo 2

I like the last photo, with the softer tint, and the less contrast.    The crop cut out extraneous details, and zoned in on the woman and the sleeping fairy figure, which is the theme of the picture.    .

This is a fun exercise, Cee!

Faded Glory: Red Tulips

tulips close

Yes, I know…we’ve seen these tulips before in various stages…but this shot of their Last Hurrah, which I took on a whim just shooting photos for the heck of it, pleases me.   I like the way the edges of the flowers reflect the light.     They have had a longer life because of our unpredictable northern Ohio weather: snow, thaw, warm, hot, warmish, cool, warm again, cool again.      (photo © Sometimes,2017)