piggy-back grasshoppers

(photo ©Sometimes, 2020) (I was sitting outside, minding my own business, when this critter ran into me and landed on the pavement nearby. I didn’t get a good look at it until later, when editing on my mainframe some snaps taken with my camera phone. Actually my subject was cats…so this grasshopper shot was a bonus.) Continue reading piggy-back grasshoppers

Cat Decisions

  (photos ©Sometimes,2018)  The colors in these shots are overwhelmed by the bright sunlight coming in the windows…except for Pearl, who is completely black and requires different camera settings to see her face.   The green paint is prettier than it appears, but could use a fresh coat of paint.   (The very thought of painting scares me!    and yes, I know we should … Continue reading Cat Decisions

Found Beauty in Ice Formations

              (All photos on this page are the property of  ©SOMETIMES, 2018) This morning, while bringing into the kitchen the water dish from the cat shelter, I was struck by the simple raw beauty found in the simplest thing—a chunk of ice that had formed overnight in a metal pan—to create a frozen world in which was contained weird … Continue reading Found Beauty in Ice Formations

Delicate Structures, a reblog from jansenphotos “Dutch Goes the Photo.”

Originally posted on Dutch goes the Photo!:
The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Structure, which has made me very happy, as there is lots of structure in Nature and the world around us. Sunday’s post focused on the structure of a fan structured leaf, with the angulation of each fold providing additional strength to the leaf over a rather large area.  Today’s… Continue reading Delicate Structures, a reblog from jansenphotos “Dutch Goes the Photo.”