parallel society

Would it be possible
to invent a whole new
society to parallel ours?
It could be done in a dream
or in a stream of consciousness,
where the creator did not
pause from the stages
of planning or imagining
such a society.

First there would be a door–
really quite an ordinary door
without a window–
or it could have a pane of
translucent glass.
This door would have no lock
and it would only open one way.

Once a decision is made
there is a chance to change
one’s mind–but only one
final choice when the time
is up.   IN or OUT?
The new society–or the old?

This is where the new society
is formed.  What will be the criteria?
Who will be in charge?
Who will decide WHO is in charge?
Until these decisions are made…
society will ever loom large.

© Sometimes, 2016

Follow where life leads

Follow where life leads

Never be afraid to alter the course of life’s road.
There is no limit, no closed doors…
Sleep refreshes, a pause to rest
and plan to choose which bend to follow
when the morning begins, and the Sun rises
and shines on an original plateau.

Marking a line to North or to West implies no pact
to heed to the path of yesterday’s heading
to South or to East.  Each life moment is unique,
and subject to reversal or alteration.
Never be afraid to turn around the itinerary
to embark on an entirely fresh way to go.


Chloe’s pursuit of romance

She is quite naivé, not worldly, wise or blasé
tho’… sometimes it’s difficult to tell.
Some days she dances to enhance her chances
as her mood swings follow her temper.
A string on her finger helps her to remember
the best ways to act to secure her romances.

She once had a beau, his name was Joe.
It was a good name for Chloe’s beau.
She kept his picture on top of her bureau.
Chloe wore lots of lace around her face,
and all of her dresses were blue.

He was certainly bolder than other boys she knew
but she was sure that what he told her was true.
Tho’ her father called him “riff-raff,” she was wiser by half
and had forgotten more than Joe ever knew…
and Chloe always had the last laugh.


Pollyanna & Me

Pollyanna skips to my lou, happy and gay…every day.
Sadness and madness is not in her itinerary
No matter what bad news, or negative views
She always has something happy and pleasant to say,
and spreads smiles amd sunshine to cheer the wary.

Oh yes, she is my ideal, and I try to emulate her appeal.
My glass, like Pollyanna’s, is always more than half-full
and dark days and dark thoughts are simply awful,
so I strive and survive, and always try to ignore any pull
from the sadness and madness-not in my vocabulary.

Seeing the good in all people–even the bad people
has advantages over seeking bad traits in good people.
Expecting the worst and bracing for evil is never the solution,
for negative thoughts and expectations requires–absolution.
Forgive and try to forget.  This is what Pollyanna would do.