Follow where life leads

Follow where life leads Never be afraid to alter the course of life’s road. There is no limit, no closed doors… Sleep refreshes, a pause to rest and plan to choose which bend to follow when the morning begins, and the Sun rises and shines on an original plateau. Marking a line to North or to West implies no pact to heed to the path … Continue reading Follow where life leads

Chloe’s pursuit of romance

She is quite naivé, not worldly, wise or blasé tho’… sometimes it’s difficult to tell. Some days she dances to enhance her chances as her mood swings follow her temper. A string on her finger helps her to remember the best ways to act to secure her romances. She once had a beau, his name was Joe. It was a good name for Chloe’s beau. She kept … Continue reading Chloe’s pursuit of romance