A haiku based on Eugi’s October 21 challenge word: “ghostly”

I am enjoying writing and posting weekly responses to word challenges proposed by EUGI’S CAUSERIE. Here is the URL so my readers can add your own contributions. Every week there is a new word. https://amanpan.com/2020/10/22/sharing-responses-to-eugis-weekly-prompt-ghostly-kittys-verses-the-bag-lady-anotherkatewilson-tinytotspoetry-z-z-poetry-joseph-r-mason/ Surreal patterns dance propelled by ghostly shadows on the wind ( © Sometimes, 2020) Continue reading A haiku based on Eugi’s October 21 challenge word: “ghostly”

once there was a man who died…

Once there was a man who diedand no one knew what to do—or even who would decide. Mourners sighed and wrung their hands, and cried—“What a shame! Such a wasted life!”and embarked on self-righteous lectures. “Well I,” said God, with a nod“… have no doubts—for it is I who decide—and I say he shall ever sit by My side.” “Where he remains for eternityis not … Continue reading once there was a man who died…

Farewell the Muse

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
I’ll never write another word –ever– I think, maybe a bit longer. The Muse has left me, alone and mute singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing not bringing forth words of rhyme or golden thoughts or phrases that soar with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment of the annunciation of the soul (if that is even the right word.) What… Continue reading Farewell the Muse

Direct Line…reblogging myself again

Here is another of my early poems from back in the day (Oct. 2015 in this case… Redundancy intended.) Direct Line The Moon, far away as it is bright dims the brighter light of the stars My eye sight follows the path of that light passing the light-years between Knowing full well the facts of the Moonlight reflecting the light of the Sun, it nevertheless … Continue reading Direct Line…reblogging myself again

Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it— THE DONALD’S MARCH TO INFAMY There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the people … Continue reading Stranger than Fiction: again

Why are we here? Why do we Blog?

  Why Blog? All it takes to write in a Blog Is a Writer who is a Blogger and a Reader who reads Blogs. If someone is reading that Blog –even if the blog is about nothing– then all the components are there: the Blogger blogs, and the Reader reads. And IF he is reading, and she is blogging, then there is a connection… a … Continue reading Why are we here? Why do we Blog?

Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

  ONE resolution: this year SOMETIMES (THE BLOG) will return to the my Top, #1, Main Pursuit…..every day. Last year, 2017, was not my best year for writing and working on my blog.    Current events interfered with my goal, which was to put writing with a capital W at the top of my “things to do list.”      Oh sure, my postings were … Continue reading Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

The Art of Flirting, a Wordle from MLMM

It’s been awhile since I published one of my Wordle attempts.   MindLoveMiseryMenagerie regularly presents these Word-puzzles, in which a list of words is provided, to be crafted into a poem or other form of writing.     This Wordle is    #157.  (*see word list below.) The Art of Flirting We have reached a stalemate…you and I in our playhouse of make-believe, avoiding muse-thieves … Continue reading The Art of Flirting, a Wordle from MLMM

desert echoes

            Echoes hark! hear the rumble across the desert; my soul remembers the great movement of stones and great boulders and simmering sand mighty Saguaros loom above tiny desert creatures, gifting water and sun shade a death rattle threatens beware!  … fangs at the ready — find another way my soul remembers from layers deep within the baking sun at … Continue reading desert echoes

a dream of dreams

This is a poem I wrote nearly a year ago, inspired by a charming and fascinating site called Osseous Design: The Blog .      I happened upon the site one day when surfing, and wrote the date 1-24-17, and name of the Blog at the top of my notebook page.   Tracing back, I was able to find the unique  site, with its creative … Continue reading a dream of dreams

Wisteria in silence and sound

A scent of Wisteria if real or fake borne by warm breezes over rippling tidewaters. A ship’s sharp whistle from deep in the gut, as sweet music echoes through silent halls … a faceless, mute bibliotaph, who treasures… within his soul… sounds he cannot experience except in his penetralia. © Sometimes, 2017   This WORDLE #129, has languished in my notebook for months.    I … Continue reading Wisteria in silence and sound

Beginnings, a poem re-blogged from Paul F. Lenzi’s poseypluspolemics

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
“Pillars of Creation” – Photo by Hubble Telescope Secrets of creation hide deep in conflation Of science with faith, of corpus with wraith, Discrete bits of essence, immune from senescence, That mark each warm creature, or cold lifeless feature, Of all the known world, plus those unknown, thus hurled Through vastness of space, push-pulled in their chase By grave… Continue reading Beginnings, a poem re-blogged from Paul F. Lenzi’s poseypluspolemics

A poem by Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar

Here is a lovely, lovely poem recommended to me in response to my chatting about the Pershing at the Front poem which I published a couple of days ago here on Sometimes.     My new blogger friend, ACFlory mentioned her own favorite poem…with which I was not familiar (which isn’t unusual, I’m no expert on poetry or poets.)   I googled the title, and located this charming site … Continue reading A poem by Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar