Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it— THE DONALD’S MARCH TO INFAMY There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the people … Continue reading Stranger than Fiction: again

Politics – do we really care? Re-blogged from Meeka’s Mind

Originally posted on Meeka's Mind:
I’ve always had a problem with ‘-isms’ – communism, socialism, facism, capitalism, republicanism, you name it – because they all seem to miss the point about people. Homo Sapiens doesn’t give a flying fruit bat about politics until things go wrong. I was a kid in the late Menzies era of Australia [1949-1966], and I remember hearing some adults… Continue reading Politics – do we really care? Re-blogged from Meeka’s Mind

Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

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It is bad enough that the republicans in the US Congress are hard at work to pass their 2017 Donor/ Corporation tax cut bill around December 19, 2016, which does little to grow the economy; where the economy is on an upswing and unemployment numbers are low, where at least 1 trillion dollars will be added to the deficit; where… Continue reading Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

faux pas…no, just dry eye

Angela Merkel rolled her eyes! Was it exasperation or desperation or simply condescension  ? …or just a case of dry-eye? Bright lights and long days of hosting the world’s most Very Important Persons? Decorum held hostage to fragile egos… hurt feelings and squabble-solving. and running her country…and NATO? (Some say she’s the Boss of the World) “Well,” she says, with an eye-roll.  : “I hope not! I already … Continue reading faux pas…no, just dry eye

the dance of the miscreants, a fairy-tale?

… and all of the miscreants danced in a ring singing and clapping and everything. Chicken Little handed out cups with holes in the bottoms… and urged everyone to please help themselves. Uncle Paul smirked and grinned, and dreamed when he slept, of clever tricks and double crosses. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, sent out engraved linen notes that read: “Be here or else—but mind … Continue reading the dance of the miscreants, a fairy-tale?

let’s not over-react (yeah, right…)

Scary news out of Virginia.    Too bad the shooter is dead…why is this always the case?   These people who kill other people are always a mystery, and it would be interesting and helpful to be able to hear what they have to say.   Normally such comments are suppressed, except for a shouted out inanity in a courtroom, or incoherent suicide note. My old Journalist Hat … Continue reading let’s not over-react (yeah, right…)

The tyranny of fear, reblogged from “420 ways to reach the sun.”

(Here is a new-to-me site I found yesterday. I really like the site, theme and layout, and especially the content. This article on the inconsistencies and idiocracies of politics and the “will of people.”   I really relate to what the author says., and the way in which she writes. I have written elsewhere about my personal experience with fear and sanitation of war back in … Continue reading The tyranny of fear, reblogged from “420 ways to reach the sun.”


Politicians the greatest magicians Grandmasters in linguistics. Perform tricknowledge techniques create laws perceived so many ways. A chess game played with precision. The goal check mate corner the king. divide the family structure by any means. Entrap entrepreneurs eager to eat trying to reach Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Throwing stones at the penitentiary. Filing for evidentiary hearings. The only thing suppressed the ring of freedom. … Continue reading Illusions…

circling the wagons…

keeping up with the shenanigans leading up to the off-again/ on-agains complacent in our political wagons endeavoring to circle… Old-Western style… made difficult by attempts to  mis-beguile by conflicting opinions and factions turning the political order on its head… keeping promises to the rabid, illogical  crowd flies in the face of common-sensical thought due to ignorance of which they are proud; defying the principles by which they were … Continue reading circling the wagons…

they can do better than that

Day 13, 2017 As a long-time fan of spy fiction I like to keep an open mind and far be it from me to take a poke at intelligence dossiers and spy reports but it all seems to me a very bad joke! Normally reading the details of a carefully- teased expose…dragged across our nose… gives fuel to the fire and facts to the tale … Continue reading they can do better than that

Second Guessing myself…

Day 8, 2017. Wow!  We are already heading into the second week of the new year.   January is the busiest month of the year as far as family birthdays count.   My late husband, two grandsons, a son, great-granddaughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law.  And that is just my immediate family, not counting at least one niece from my Florida-Clan. I used to send cards with detailed notes … Continue reading Second Guessing myself…

the trouble with time limits

Every election, and whenever the subject comes up in between elections, there is a big “thing” about term limits. “Throw ’em all out…ALL of them.”      This seems like a good idea…on the face of it…except that it would almost always be a disaster.     This point of view is often described as “clear the swamp.”      I like my clichés to have literal meaning, so when someone … Continue reading the trouble with time limits

Nursery Rhyme commentary

  Remember the Maiden All Forlorn? Who kissed the cow with the crumpled horn? Ever wonder what was her problem? Was it the Man All Tattered and Torn? Did our Maiden prefer the Cow to the advances of the passerby? The saddest dilemma the poor Maiden faced was that to report the bad man was out of place for a mere milkmaid with a pretty … Continue reading Nursery Rhyme commentary