Today I sat down to write
words of wisdom or sage advice
with no intent to be trite
or boring…or annoying…or nice.
The sole purpose being for something to write.

There must be something herein
that tells a tale, or spins a story,
or widens the general store of knowledge–
without the benefit of college
or assorted courses of History.

How very banal to sit here and expect
to write something useful to entertain,
inform, question, amaze,  or  pay respect
to persons who strive to…or ascertain
the purpose of visiting this blog–for gain?

The loyal perusers, and occasional visitors
are here perhaps looking for enlightenment.
Sometimes they are curious (or are even inquisitors)
…. and surely that is their entitlement…
they are just here searching for something pertinent.

©Sometimes, 2015