Politics – do we really care? Re-blogged from Meeka’s Mind

This excellent post from friend acflory on her blog MEEKA’S MIND is the best thing I’ve read about the coming Year 2018 and Australian voters in particular and all Voters in general. Thanks for the re-blog!

Meeka's Mind

I’ve always had a problem with ‘-isms’ – communism, socialism, facism, capitalism, republicanism, you name it – because they all seem to miss the point about people. Homo Sapiens doesn’t give a flying fruit bat about politics until things go wrong.

I was a kid in the late Menzies era of Australia [1949-1966], and I remember hearing some adults moan about elections while others moaned about the general apathy of the Australian voter. You see, in Australia, we have compulsory voting…and the times were good.

In fact, by the early 60’s, the populations of the Western world were better off, generally, than they had ever been before. Not quite the age of surplus envisioned by Marx, but close, and some of us really were able to live ‘…from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.’ That’s what the Age of Aquarius, Flower Power and Free…

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Death is late…Re-blogged from writer George Agak’s site, Sliver of Darkness.

I am very touched by this excellent poem by George Agak.      His work is very graphic, and grabs ahold of the reader and doesn’t let go.       It is an accomplishment to achieve such a deeply emotional work of writing, and as you folks know, I am not subject to being moved by hyperbole….so I appreciate what I may call beauty-in-horror.      It is a sad fact that this kind of terrible scenario exists in our modern world.       Thanks for letting me re-blog, George!


Sliver of Darkness


I will write a letter and toss it in the wind
Or strip your hammock and toss in the river
I might be dead when they reach you
Nothing has changed
Yet nothing has remained the same
The gods have been vexed
All this time they’ve held rain

Grass still grows
Watered by endless flow of blood
The valley has changed its appeal
The shades we once rested under
Now home rotting humans
And vultures feast
The freedom fighters have fought the system
Then rebelled against their prior motives
They kill anything in human gait

But still….
The government lives
Not counting the ones lost
They fly outside to drink and dine
Because this nation is rotten
Their appetite might wane

When they took you, bro,
I couldn’t fight them
That’s cowardice I know
But death isn’t for the brave either

Bro, this nation is rich
You could have seen…

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be-longing (re-blogged from Lorraine’s frilly Freudian slip)

Pogo’s saying “We have met the enemy, and He is Us”— in the comic strip by cartoonist Walt Kelly (1971) has long since been one of my favorite quotations…and I find it SO appropriate to our current situation. Thanks for allowing the reblog!   This blog is fresh and different in content and ideas; it reflects my own frame of mind in several ways.   I think my faithful followers will like this blog too!

Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

fear does not a nation make

nor isolation a country great

as we move backward in time

we tread that very very fine line

all seems revulsion, rejection, disgust

“we have met the enemy and he is us”*

must there be a revolution, another civil war

for then “we the people” shall exist no more

* Pogo cartoon strip by Walt Kelly

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HYSTERICAL BLAST Re-blogged from Jnana’s Red Barn

very moving…one can feel the storm as it approaches. thank you! 🙂

Jnana's Red Barn

In a single afternoon, everything changes
and it’s apparent
summer won’t be returning.

How appropriate, when the anniversary
of unspeakable catastrophe
comes a day after swimming in Maine ocean.

Great wind brings clouds and chill
and mottled sullen clouds.
Knocks trees over, rattles the house,
litters highways,
severs power to the traffic lights in Epping.

Everyone cowers
in crimped motion.
All the branches
and wires crashing down.

Comes from nowhere
comes from somewhere
not quite here.

To continue, click here.
Copyright 2015
Poem originally appeared in Hot Metal Press

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Do We Even Want to be Entertained? ReBlogged, Legends of Windemere

Excellent article on what we expect from entertainment. This is my first visit to Charles Yallowitz’s blog LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE, and like it a lot. I agree that when I like a film or book…I LIKE it…and I don’t care what the critics say. Some of my favorites are works that others say are terrible. Thanks for enabling the RE=BLOG button! 🙂

Legends of Windemere

So, I’ve been wondering this for a while now.  I wasn’t sure how to write this up either and have gone through it in my head many times.  Then I stumbled onto this part from a Suicide Squad review:

“In my sensible critical opinion, Suicide Squad wasn’t a complete disaster, but inexcusably mediocre. To be fair, the audience I saw the film with appeared to love every frame: big laughter, cheers for the action and clapping as the credits rolled. Is there a disconnect between critics and audiences?”

Now, I’m not going to touch on the question because I have another one.  Are people disconnecting themselves from movies, shows, and books before they even start?  I’ve seen so many people swear that something will be bad for months and then they begrudgingly indulge.  SURPRISE!  They didn’t like it for exactly the reasons either they said or the critics declared.  Sometimes word for…

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Punchline…Re-Blogged: soul gifts- Telling Tales

This delightful post, is re=blogged from soul gifts-Telling Tales.   Thanks!


soulgifts - Telling Tales


They had gathered to find it –  the perfect punchline …

“That’s just sucky suckage!” Josh muttered, exasperated.

“Oh no, not really.  I thought  it was more of acromagnon man momentmyself,’ whispered the Metal Flower Maker as she tried to net herself a butterfly to study for her next project.

“ I say we just get on with the job,” quipped Candice, waving her feather in the air.

Meanwhile  Lady Calen of sandbox fame, whispering  secrets to her friend, the Dragonfly,  was blissfully unaware that anything was going on. As was Plato, always a cool dude, who was grooving along to the music swirling sweetly in his mind waiting for it to emerge.

“But hang on a minute! At least hisfollicular extravaganza will make it easy to recognise and find him. I mean to say, that mop of hair is not exactly hard…

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If Only This Had Been A Rare Face, Re-blogged from “Weirdly Wired.”

This beautifully written and poignant poem is by Nikhil, on his site WEIRDLY WIRED, is re-blogged here with permission. Thanks, Nikhil!

Erratic Expeditions

As Mediterranean waves evaded a violent shore,

A frail face lay in peace, at the confluence of war.

Birds swam seeking refuge in boatloads,

A few sank, like an island full of toads.


Terror, tears, shock, and blank concern,

How did the world allow its people to burn?

Passionate vows, pious pleas overflew worldwide,

An audacious hope of morality bona fide.

Sadly, that was not to be!

Time, forgetfulness – proved a great healer.

 Haunting face sitting in an ambulance

Three-year-old eyes, dusty and bloodshot with innocence.

Shock, cry, surprise, alarm –  a bit too far,

Unnerving calm and silence – fury and chaos of war.


 The world’s conscience still ceases to be troubled,

All the piety did not move the world.

No change, no action – not a trace,

If only this had been a rare face.

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Cerșind ultima secundă – Begging for the last second

This post is great…it expresses my own philosophy perfectly. The English version is included, but I love to see written words in original language…Romanian, I think. Thank you Mopana!

look around!

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Cei care nu simt fiecare clipă își cerșesc degeaba ultimele secunde

mopana-beauty-of-the-moment-03 Source: Google Image

Fiecare clipă are frumusețea ei. Luminoasă sau întunecată, ea își păstrează farmecul. Așa cum nu există pajiște fără buruieni, așa nu există nici viață fără suferință. Chiar dacă realizăm sau nu, orice clipă are un efect asupra nostră. Frumusețea unui moment se măsoară în profunzimea unei emoții. Cam cât putem simți într-o secundă, cât de frumoase pot fi zâmbetele sau lacrimile noastre?

Fiecare secundă e o istorie pentru urmatoarea clipă

mopana-beauty-of-the-moment-02 Source: Google Image

Intensitatea pe care o simțim dovedește cât de mult trăim. Toți trăim cum simțim și simțim atât cât trăim. De fiecare dată când privim un ceas, vedem cum viața se scurge, asemeni unui râu care coboară la vale spre a deveni fluviu. Nu putem opri timpul, putem doar să profităm de el. Avem dreptul la timp. Cei care…

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Incubus, The Terrible

[RE-BLOGGED]  This beautiful poem by one of my favorite poets rings SO true   the RE-BLOG button is very welcome so that I might republish it here. Thanks, Amit Rahman!! (Gradmama2011]


Startled, I often rise up from sleep,
with my limbs trembling and sweat drenched
but my throat turned too sore and dry,
choked as if by the soot of fear,
in the throes of a tragic dream,
a dreadful and haunting nightmare,
borne by past follies or tomorrow’s loss,
too pale and numb and shaken to my core!

The former kinds keep chasing us
like the Furies in Orestes,
to avenge Clytemnestra’s death,
while the latter, always taunting
that we might lose our dearest things –
be it affluence, power, life, love or fame!

If we could stop worrying for the future
and let go of the past for once and all,
we could have savored the heavens right here
and set the world free from Incubus, the Terrible!


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Sundog and Unusual Clouds RE-Blogged from I Read Encyclopedias…

[Gradmama2011 says:  I LOVE clouds, and all kinds of atmospheric wonders. This is a super site, and as another person who reads encyclopedias, I really enjoy it. Thanks for the RE-BLOG availability…Jay Dee! https://ireadencyclopedias.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/sundog-and-unusual-clouds/

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Yesterday, I was able to see a great phenomenon known as a sundog. These things are part of a halo around the sun and created by hexagonal ice crystals in the air, usually with cirrus clouds. Well, there were plenty of cirrus clouds yesterday. This sundog that I saw was rainbow coloured, though it didn’t turn out very well in the picture. You can see it below.

20160128-204820-74900319.jpg Sundog in the cirrus clouds.

And cirrus clouds are interesting to look at, too. They have a lot of patterns, like waves or feathers. I got some pictures of those, too.

20160128-204904-74944314.jpg Rippled cirrus clouds.

20160128-204918-74958307.jpg Rippled and feathery cirrus clouds.

20160128-204931-74971340.jpg Fluffy cirrus clouds on the right, wispy cirrus clouds behind the building and in front of the sun.

Have you ever seen a sundog? Cirrus clouds are pretty common, but you have to be lucky to see a sundog.

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Treasure Trove (Of India) — Reblogged

This post has been re-blogged from the wonderful site Treasure Trove of India, one of my favorite sites. The intricate and fascinating art work is beautiful, and I envy the patience and ability of the artists. Thanks WanderingSoul for this!

Wandering Soul Writer

India, as I have shared earlier is a land of many surprises and mysterious.

Among the various treasures that it is home to, the arts and crafts on India hold many awe-inducing gems. These arts are many centuries old and have been passed on generation to generation. Infact, that’s the only way some of these techniques have been kept alive.

My recent visit to National Crafts Musuem, located in Delhi made me discover some of these arts. They are many more such arts and art forms which are not part of this post, and that’s because they are either are very well-known and commonly known or were not displayed prominently at the Musuem.

  • Sanjhi


The intricate and delicate designs on paper are from making cuts using a scissors. The deft fingers of the artist I met maneuvered the paper expertly, making small, deliberate cuts. It takes him anywhere from a few hours…

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Watch those spectators sitting behind debate stars (re-blogged)

Some of the most interesting fans, or supporters, or spectators–whatever you call them–are the people sitting in the stands directly behind the speaker’s podium at televised speeches.

A case in point is the woman who ended up more or less trapped at a Donald Trump rally recently.  She happened to be black…which she said was perhaps not at all coincidental…and she was escorted to the VIP seating right behind the candidate.  http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2015/11/12/1449095/-It-s-hard-not-to-laugh-about-this-woman-reading-during-a-Trump-speech-but-her-reasoning-is-legit?detail=email

Her name is Johari Osayi Idusuyi, a community college student, has achieved a certain amount of fame or notoriety on the telly.  Apparently she was not seeking anything more than just getting a peek at the famous Trump, but when she and some friends were turned away from the first rows, which were empty at the time, they were told the area was reserved for only VIPs….which (if there is anyone who is not familiar with that term,) means “Very Important Persons.”

Ms. Idusuyi accepted when the VIP rule was lifted, and she and her friends were ushered to the middle of the row of seats, right behind The Donald.     How fortuitous was that!

Anyway, she sat and read a book throughout the speech, much to the dismay of “older” people in the crowd that hassled her about being rude…telling her she should leave if she didn’t like what was going on and being said.   She wisely pointed out that it would be even more rude to stand up and leave.

I love watching these crowds.   The VIPs are obviously either “Very Important Local Republicans,” or staffers that are required to fill in the rows.   The reason I say that is because many of the people are obviously not paying attention.   They are whispering to their neighbors, looking at the ceiling, and apparently either ignoring, or otherwise not engaging with what is being said.

To be fair, it isn’t uncommon to see crowds at VIP speeches whose eyes are glazed-over, yawning, clapping gratituously–even when the spectators are members of the military, university students, Congress–I might call these “Mandated Crowds.”   These are often show-up-and-try-to-stay-awake  appearances.  Professors sometimes give class credit for showing up at these occasions, or there are consequences for NOT showing up.  The crowd should be reacting…laughing, nodding their heads, shaking their heads, cheering, jeering… showing signs of being awake.

In my opinion, just watching the people in these crowds is entertaining.



Why are we here? Why do we blog? observations from the keyboard.

Why Blog?

All it takes to write in a Blog
Is a Writer who is a Blogger
and a Reader who reads Blogs.

If someone is reading that Blog
–even if the blog is about nothing–
then all the components are there:
the Blogger blogs,
and the Reader reads.

And IF he is reading,
and she is blogging,
then there is a connection…
a piece of her mind
–for good or for bad–
is read and ingested
and taken to heart.

So what if the Post is about Nothing?

If its being read… someone is interested,
this is obvious right from the start.
The Key to blogging may be
not so much clever phrases
or figures of speech
as simply a communication.

So, if a blog is about Something
then it can’t be about Nothing.

What does that all mean?

If one is blogging…
well, they are blogging.

and if Reading?
Thank you for reading along!


[Originally published on Sometimes in 2015.)