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Those who know me very well may be taken aback when noting this post from blogger friend DeaconGil’s GODSCHOOL. I not only read today’s post, but also some of the earlier posts mentioned. This comes closer to my personal way of “thinking about Godstuff.” Dealing with Romania and Anglican church efforts to bring closer together world congregations in their vastly differential religious ideas…it has always seemed to me that some leaders work harder to separate their little groups from the flock, for reasons of their own. What I think doesn’t matter much, of course, but it is enlightening and heartening for me to consider articles dealing with ecumenical moves toward Oneness.

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Our son’s been to stay recently.  He has a PhD in physics, and I know absolutely nothing about physics, which means that he thinks in a very different way from me.  He’s also a committed Christian who loves theology.

We had a discussion one day about the place of logic, and how much it could help us discover truth about God.  We decided that we couldn’t jump straight from thinking logically to developing a theology, but it was a useful tool in the process.

The next day I noted to him that I’d started reading a book called ‘Mariner’, by Malcolm Guite, a priest-poet based at Girton College,  who had previously written a seminal book on the place of the imagination in discovering truth about God (Faith, Hope and Poetry).

Son said he knew nothing about thinking imaginatively.

What I find fascinating is that, although we are so different…

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The Sentry, Wordle #127, re-posted

A Wordle for MindLoveMisery, originally October 31, 2016.     I do enjoy Wordles, but this is a form of writing that requires a creative mood, sitting in my notebook until it is finished.    Wordles involve a list of specific words, of which at least ten must be used in the entry.

The Sentry

With a click of his heels and a tip of his cap,
the sentry, bedraggled but not quite forlorn,
harks to the sighs and whispers of the night…
of the grass settling and trees stretching their limbs,
and flowers closing their petals in modest repose…
lingering fragrace gentle and soft to the nose.

Young and virile, his manner of thoughts
are certainly not of Eschatological concerns:
more pertinent is a hope to escape adversity of
being “drouked” by a sudden downpour
and steps carefully to avoid soggy debris…
quite dampening to his uniformed elegance.

At first glance our young soldier
pays nary a notice of the girl walking slowly,
with no intent to decieve…though he is keenly aware
of the beloved young face behind the filmy veil,
and feigns concentration on military cadence—
a smile escaping his stony countenance.

© Sometimes, 2016