pondering pastimes

So what should I do this afternoon?

study my Russian lesson?
expand my online  book inventory?
repot a thirsty “Wandering Jew?”

walk in the garden,
read a novel
–write a poem?

I could get lost on google…
visit friends abroad…who probably are sleeping now,
giving their blogs a rest.

sit here and daydream?
fix something for dinner…
clean the garage?

get out my zillions of beads
and all of their appurtenances thereto
to borrow a legal phrase

ah, the latter may be the winner
of my afternoon busywork lottery
with granddaughter birthdays approaching

a tiny bit of skill, strong thread and needles
my treasure trove of baubles and beads…
crystals shining of light of their own

so here I sit, writing a poem
about shiny trinkets and glistening orbs
…inviting a nudge from the beading-muse.

©Sometimes, 2017



Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

There should be a rule
on commenting protocol
requiring at least
(if not a working knowledge)
mini-common sense.

Every school age child
with a mite’s  intelligence
should have learned restraint
in matters of opinion…
at least a few facts.

No one should ever
consider as an expert
smart snappy comments…
an internet free-for-all
sans supervision.

Our Rule Number One:
Start out with a set of clues,
a few question marks,
a reasonably open-mind
and process of thought.

For Rule Number Two,
should be needless to expound,
an unspoken rule–
have proof, or at least
citations of information.

Who, what, when, where, why
How the commenter knows,
…at least Who Said So?
citation of source
and last—Who Cares?

© Sometimes, 2016



somewhere deep within
phantoms are known by their echoes
impossibility looms in self-righteousness
daunting and daring self confidence
insist to disdain idle thoughts
pretending vague truthfulness
where none  may exist..

in the far reaches of solitude,
there exists a sombulent wave of fear…
or something quite like it… but not quite terror
or panic among the calm insanity
that lives within the caves of reality
and tempts a lonely,  fickle heart
dreading sudden freedom.

a loose and undisciplined dream
ricochets from wall to wall
and up the night draft that captures a laugh
that hides helplessly within the gasping
lungs, awaiting a chance to escape
into the realm of what-might-have-been
opposing the dawn of maybe-tomorrow

somewhere a poet dutifully records
a thought that has no connection at all
to any that came before…or awaits its turn
to intrude into the closed tunnels
bursting to gain permission by insinuation
or threat of making it into the light of the mind.
Or stay trapped in the bindings of the soul.

©Sometimes, 2016


Playing with raindrops

The white streaks are not only pouring rain, they are on the verge of turning to snow.  This was taken four or five days ago.  🙂
raindrop 1
Raindrop 1

As I was sitting on the deck watching the rain/snow fall, I thought it would be fun to see if I could capture some drops.   These photos, following, are of individual drops into the same puddle…a couple of them are close-ups, and the orientation varies.   Since I am not an engineer (I know, not really a photographer, either… I will refrain from speculating on any mechanical aspects.  I just think the resulting pics are interesting and cool reflections of the puddle-water.   I hope they will fit right in with Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge for this week!

raindrop 3raindrop 4raindrop 5raindrop 2raindrop 4raindrop 5raindrop 3raindrop 6

All photos on this page are © Sometimes, 2016.

mystic pond art


I often find surprises in photographs, serendipitous objects or impressions that might be considered gifts from My Muse.   This photo is a random pond shot, one of a series.  In the foreground are some dry weeds, and their shadows cast onto the water take on curious face-like shapes,  reminiscent of doodle-drawings.      Peggy, the cat, seems to have been transfixed by the mysterious shapes and lines…or maybe she just paused in passing to inspect a bug.

What do you think?   Am I seeing things?


Full Moon

The Moon reflecting on an icicle.  February 2015.  The row of lights on the bottom is the moon reflection in windows in a greenhouse across the road. ©Sometimes, 2015.

shining silver orb
brightens the evening sky
night becomes as day.

We see by the light rays
things not apparent by day
shadows take flight
and shimmer with imagination.

Silver the night color of green
street lights merge with the surges
of glow from the sky
to take on star-like images
and fool the searching eye.

But take warning–
the moon can play tricks
glimmering magical branches and sticks
can become mundane by morning.

Shiny silver orb
brightens the evening sky
–night becomes as day.

©Sometimes, 2016


Taken through living room double-pane windows.  The Moon (top), a street light reflecting yellow; bottom two the light and the Moon through the glass. ©Sometimes,2015.

Tinkerbell and Baby… through the glass door

The photo in my header is one I took from inside my kitchen.  Playing around aimlessly with my camera is one of my favorite things to do.  Most of the resulting photos never see the light of day…at least by anyone other than me…but others keep beckoning to be published at the top of my blog, Sometimes.

Regular visitors will recognize my favorite vantage points for staging my pictures: my back deck, my front deck, assorted windows, and the outdoors within the confines of my yard.  In this photo I am inside, shooting the reflection through the glass door.

There are two cats in this photo: Tinkerbell and Baby.

Tinkerbell is old, in her 18th year–even older than I am (in cat years.)  I think that would make me 126…or is it 101.3?  Is that even possible?  My math skills, which never were always below-adequate, fail me when applied with paper and pencil.   It is immaterial, I suppose.  I read recently that some breeds of cat have a life expectancy of 20 years…or more.

Baby has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as “tumbling kitten,” a condition that is very serious in that it affects the motor skills of kittens, causing them to tumble head-over-heels, fall over because they cannot stand, and wobble uncontrollably.    Baby   was fortunately less crippled from her condition than other kittens, especially her sister, who could not balance for more than one or two steps before going into the “swimming-like” movements which are typical of such kittens.

Baby was well accepted by the other house cats, including Tinkerbell…who as a general rule hates kittens.  Baby trips and otherwise loses her balance, and she has a very heavy step rather than light-footed as are most cats.  She has a gait much like a colt or other hoofed-animal, and does not curl up in a ball as most cats do.


I changed the colors on my blog, too.  As for the theme, which is Colinear, I have decided to keep it for the time being, at least.  I like the way it works, and the theme has all of the features that I like.    I do need some widget work…I often think of widgets I want to add or change, but by the time I get to the change page I forget what I wanted to do.   🙂

Why fix if it ain’t broke?