Gall-and-Wormwood: MindLoveMisery’s Wordle#143.

Here’s a Wordle that I’ve been working on.   I like these prompt-forms so much that I write them down in my notebook and work on them when so inclined.    Here’s one I worked on for a long time but haven’t gotten it published on my blog.     The twelve words given are: apple, frigid, pain,  gall-and-wormwood (deep resentment,) dive, cinch, halfway, grime, wind, vintage, pause, and Palinoia ( compulsive repetition of an act until it is performed perfectly.)

Vintage memories pause halfway
on the stalled turntable of
Palinoia’s imaginary grime…
brought on through “gall and wormwood”
that eats my craw and forces me
to dive into the frigid apple wine
that dulls the pain and
quiets the howl of the wind.

(©Sometimes, 2017)

I like to use the Wordle words for poems, although any literary form is acceptable.  Wordles are great fun, and anyone is welcome to join in.    Yves Morrow, the owner of the blog always welcomes contributors to his various and daily prompts…or any visitors, there is some really excellent material found here.

When “Just Forget It…” Doesn’t Cut It

If I were asked to write a new book of rules for communication through Social Media, or for writing “Letters to the Editor” of newspapers or on-line news sources, the #1 Rule would be that in order to be allowed to post or have their communique published they must sign a pledge that the following requirements apply.

1.  The Writer MUST have at least basic knowledge of the topic.

2. The Writer must have Read, in its entirety, the post in reply to the subject.   Glancing at a title or one-liner of a letter and firing off an angry, hysterical, uninformed reply attacking the author– would be not only frowned upon, but forbidden.

OK–that’s enough of that rhetoric.

I had a blogging experience yesterday that has left me shaken, so I have to write this in order to clear my thoughts and make a point.

In my comments queue yesterday morning was an unsettling post from someone I had not heard of before.  The post accused me of having written a “snarky” comment I had made on another blog.      Since I do not DO snarky…especially about sensitive topics, I resent the whole BFD.

……..     OK, thanks…I hope I have it off my chest now.  Obviously I deleted a LOT of content from this post…..

There is no sense in having hurt feelings.    All I would like to do is inform this person of my point of view…I would never knowingly hurt anyone or insult a fellow blogger, and this incident is clearly due to misunderstanding.       But when someone attacks–out of the blue–and states in so many words  “…I haven’t read what you said and I don’t intend to…”  well, what can I say?

Am I really a “rude, ignorant stranger?”    (rhetorical question:-)

end of rant





Sometimes there is an minor incident that just won’t go away.