Newcomers Posing for Pics


First seen as an anonymous “red blur.”   

I’ll call it the Red Blur Rose.     There was a bright red Cardinal that exited the tree when he saw me before I saw him.   No time for the camera.


love Daisies….

DSC09440 (1)
but they are prolific and persistent…off the “chop” list though until the blooms are finished.

The Winterberry I call Gentleman Jim

recognize this tree?

unidentified perennial


lily buds
Future Day Lilies

DSC09469 (1)
The obligatory Cat


I swear this Lantana was originally pink.  


Tall Ageratum

Dad’s Plant lives in the house all winter. A remembrance from my ex’s funeral in 2001.

Mercado Flores Pantleon Re-Blogged

Here is a great treat! I found this site this morning and just had to browse the marvelous photos. This post is of a flower market in Guadalajara, Mexico. I do love Mexico and all things Mexican—so I’m happy to look around. These photos are great! Be sure to click on one of the photos so as to get the slide show—and be prepared to say WOW!!! Thanks to the blogger for permission to repost…

Guadalajara en Fotos

This is the biggest flower market in Guadalajara, and the best place to go on Valentines day.  It is across the street from the Cemetary, so people can buy flowers for the departed.  It has stores that face the street Federalismo, and more and more stores as you walk a block behind the storefronts.  My favorite part is the open air Flower Market and watching the trucks unload flowers in bulk.

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Beetle Survivors

These photos of my Knockout Roses were  taken last weekend.    The Japanese Beetles, which had effectively destroyed these beautiful roses, finally left the area, so recovery is possible.   These bushes were spectacular in May and June, the beetles visited in July, and by the first week in August they were gone.


Roses supposing it is July

Does anyone remember this old nonsense rhyme?

Moses supposes that roses are toeses

but Moses supposes erroneously.

I snapped this photo this afternoon, just as it was starting to drizzle.  These roses, which go by the name “Knockout Roses,” named for their bright fuscia color.   They are everywhere in this area of Ohio, and one of their delights is their staying-power.  They bloom profusely, and continuously–until they freeze.   A draw-back is that Japanese beetles enjoy the beautiful roses too, and enjoy them way too much some years.  But even after the blooms are devoured by the beetles, they come back in full strength in about a month.   This year, 2015, the beetles were absent, or at least I didn’t see any of them.

These blossoms were discreetly trying to survive just a bit longer, under cover of some yet-green leaves.