Mercado Flores Pantleon Re-Blogged

Originally posted on Guadalajara en Fotos:
This is the biggest flower market in Guadalajara, and the best place to go on Valentines day.  It is across the street from the Cemetary, so people can buy flowers for the departed.  It has stores that face the street Federalismo, and more and more stores as you walk a block behind the storefronts.  My favorite part is the… Continue reading Mercado Flores Pantleon Re-Blogged

Roses supposing it is July

Does anyone remember this old nonsense rhyme? Moses supposes that roses are toeses but Moses supposes erroneously. I snapped this photo this afternoon, just as it was starting to drizzle.  These roses, which go by the name “Knockout Roses,” named for their bright fuscia color.   They are everywhere in this area of Ohio, and one of their delights is their staying-power.  They bloom profusely, and continuously–until … Continue reading Roses supposing it is July