the space race remembered

Once I watched a rocket launch from under a blanket…our TV set was ancient and the light was very dim, so unless the room was almost dark the image on the set was barely visible.   I’m not sure of the year, or which of the early missions it was.   My whole life back in those days, between 1957 and about 1965 , are catalogued according … Continue reading the space race remembered

Science in Fiction …and vice-versa

Being a real fan of Science Fiction requires a flexible imagination, and have an open mind that is capable of accepting for consideration any concept at all.  Its OK to have compartments, or niches, or organizational charts in which these concepts reside—such as:  Possible, Improbable, Unlikely, Impossible But Intriguing, Far-Fetched, Ridiculous, and Boring. In the first place, anything can apply to classification of Science Fiction.  … Continue reading Science in Fiction …and vice-versa

UPDATED POST: who doubts that cats are smarter than a lot of politicians?

  Physics test suggests cats understand gravity, Japanese researchers say “Our study is the first demonstration that cats seem to grasp the laws of physics,” said Kyoto University’s Saho Takagi. But an expert on domestic pets and author of a book about cats called the study “seriously flawed.” […for the rest of this article, please follow the direct link…]…/physics-test-suggests-cafe-cats-understand-gravity-japanese-researchers-say [[Please Note, regular Sometimes readers— … Continue reading UPDATED POST: who doubts that cats are smarter than a lot of politicians?

S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

Today’s post was inspired by Mindlovemisery’s site.   Thanks I’ve always wondered about Schröedinger’s cat– specifically the end state of the experiment. Imagination shows plainly or is it hopefully?  that the cat jumped out of the box while alive and sauntered off in time for supper It would be a shame if the poor feline– what was her name?– was to meet her demise in … Continue reading S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

Direct Line (re-post)

The Moon, far away as it is bright dims the brighter light of the stars My eye sight follows the path of that light passing the light-years between Knowing full well the facts of the Moonlight reflecting the light of the Sun, it nevertheless leads me to imagine that the Moon makes its own light from within. Even if Galileo himself, who charted the Sun, … Continue reading Direct Line (re-post)