Soul Song…a Shadorma

Soul Song long ago a secret yearning, hidden song remembers, returns like a bell ringing echoes in the night. thoughts of old passion unique to us two thriving there as treasure… kept in corners of my soul waiting forever. ©Sometimes, 2016 My poem above, a Shadorma (six-line stanzas, 3,5,3,3,7,5 syllables.)    My original poem is inspired by the poet in today’s Mind Misery Menagerie’s excersise based … Continue reading Soul Song…a Shadorma

A trio of Shadorma poems of Trees

Old Elm tree American Elm once a pest… limbs too much shade, extinction well on its way lives in memories tree farm grows crop of sad seedlings? Not at all… consider chance of life or none at all. A purpose, not waste. Of all gifts nature has for us best of all may be trees Trees serve us well all our days from crib to … Continue reading A trio of Shadorma poems of Trees