Sword Swinging (a poem, thanks to E)

the sword of Damacles begins its creaking dissent amid madness and bitter resentment the darkening dawn ahead… prescient. Armaggedon beckoning (to borrow a phrase from a friendly poet) with skillful ways to praise using words of beauty…or malaise born of forethought…not meaning to surprise. As fear and foreboding take their toll among the nervous and volatile the peace and self-confidence wane as the shadow lengthens  o’er … Continue reading Sword Swinging (a poem, thanks to E)

mystic pond art

©Sometimes,2016 I often find surprises in photographs, serendipitous objects or impressions that might be considered gifts from My Muse.   This photo is a random pond shot, one of a series.  In the foreground are some dry weeds, and their shadows cast onto the water take on curious face-like shapes,  reminiscent of doodle-drawings.      Peggy, the cat, seems to have been transfixed by the mysterious shapes and … Continue reading mystic pond art