Joy of Sleep

Sometimes at the midnight hour
to sleep…finally,
seems a reward undeserved;
no bed in this world
feels as perfectly my own!
My tired body smiles,
aware that the lamp click off
brings relaxation,
bliss…on into oblivion.
Heartfelt paid homage
in hopeful sincerity…
and most perfect sleep!

Sometimes, 2016

Sleep Legacy

(Re-posted from the original, written in response to Day 3: Writing 101-Poetry, Sleep)

I can sleep anywhere, any time.
day or night…or afternoon
On airplanes or in cars
(when not driving)

Obviously a genetic trait,
the love of sleep,
and its never too late
to stop counting sheep.

A deep pleasure shared by many
of my progeny, whom I call
champions and pros:
They are World Class Sleepers all!