Snow Drifts, and The Night of the Tomato, revisited

Well, Spring is on the way, I heard!    We here in Northern Ohio escaped most of the big snow storm this past week, which is fine with me, but the news weather people were quite disappointed.     It is always so heartening the way they put on parkas and mittens and various snow gear and wade out to the nearest snow drift to pose for the … Continue reading Snow Drifts, and The Night of the Tomato, revisited


(Day 12, 2017) which is worse…cold crisp snow that freezes the toes and tip of the nose that chills our  livers  and sends shivers up the spine —or melting  slush of wet and grime? in place of charming crunch of boots and pinching cheeks rosy and frosting young shoots discouraged from peeping ‘oer the sturdy ground that protects from  sinking deep in the mire… wading through former fresh fallen snow, now … Continue reading ambivalence


Today is a day of white light, ’tis not just any other day following  a restless sleep or moving with care by night light. Snow brings reflection, in more ways than one, signaling deep thought on one hand– the other, bright glitter returned by the Sun, accenting tree shadow bands. Snowfall brings Beauty and Duty… mixed emotions cause trouble. My choice is Beauty but then–I … Continue reading Today

Relativity of Coldness

We tend to be giddy, recalling snow as a kiddie over our heads in drifts. We remember it fondly… the frozen mittens and scarves, awkward in snowsuits, red nose, rosy cheeks….so cold that the fingers refused to move. Our plaintive pleas echo across the ages: “I’m not cold, Mama! Please let me stay out!” The pristine snow cover was calling our presence, to leave our … Continue reading Relativity of Coldness