Beaded Necklace

Here is a photo of a beaded necklace that I made for my daughter’s birthday.  The beads are Tiger Eye stone hollow squares, black glass square beads  inside the Tiger Eyes, and the round black beads are glass.

Beading is strictly a hobby with me.  More of a dabbler than a true artist, my interests involve various handcrafts such as crocheting (not knitting,) and assorted crafts.  Needlework, too, I used to like to do embroidery.  Fortunately,  I am a writer, and as such have produced work in a variety of literary pursuits.

As is the way with many crafters, I am a great afficianado of crafts magazines, and have ear-marked lots of magazines over the years, with little place-markers indicating things I want to make or do.  On rare occasions  something finds its way to my crafts table…mostly made of yarn or beads.