Sunday Sonnet! Re-blogged from Autumn Ambles

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🦋 Freedom of thought let no one disallow, The stuff of progress, true, thereof is made; No wholesome fruit is borne on broken bough, Nor truth survive if censure speech forbade; Thought with impunity precedes the word, Utterance of which to ownership commits; Denial, then, must surely be absurd, Lest to hypocrisy a fool admits; Inebriated hauteur can seduce, A… Continue reading Sunday Sonnet! Re-blogged from Autumn Ambles

Historiography at work

Historiography is the study of History.    It was one of my favorite mandatory seminars as a grad student at the University of Akron. One of my friends and cohorts here in Blog Land, raised a very interesting point in  a comment on how the Historians of 100 years from now would treat the scenario in rage now of the Great Republican Plan to Obliterate the Obama … Continue reading Historiography at work

FYI about the Khan Sheikoun affair for open-minders, from the Huffington Post Even for readers who already have their minds made up owe it to themselves to read this detailed Huffington Post article by Scott Ritter, and to add it to all available sources of information.     Here is a great example of “Alternate Facts,” in a logical sense of being mixed information from different sources, that as a whole may lead to knowledge of what really … Continue reading FYI about the Khan Sheikoun affair for open-minders, from the Huffington Post

they can do better than that

Day 13, 2017 As a long-time fan of spy fiction I like to keep an open mind and far be it from me to take a poke at intelligence dossiers and spy reports but it all seems to me a very bad joke! Normally reading the details of a carefully- teased expose…dragged across our nose… gives fuel to the fire and facts to the tale … Continue reading they can do better than that

dreams of day

Days go by in dreams… more complicated, it seems, day-dreams pass away… are replaced by dreams of day. Not intended to be obtuse, or in any way clever, or to abuse, by flippant tries to make a verse, or to neglect decorum in place of subterfuge. Dream places are often familiar, if not in actual points of reference, at least recurrent and commonplace locales to retreat … Continue reading dreams of day

the trouble with time limits

Every election, and whenever the subject comes up in between elections, there is a big “thing” about term limits. “Throw ’em all out…ALL of them.”      This seems like a good idea…on the face of it…except that it would almost always be a disaster.     This point of view is often described as “clear the swamp.”      I like my clichés to have literal meaning, so when someone … Continue reading the trouble with time limits