Water droplets sparkle in the greenhouse

We were at the greenhouse today, the first day they were open for the season.  Few plants are ready to show off yet, although there are early bloomers rarin’ to go.  Captivated with these little plants which were still sparkling with water drops after sprinkling.    Sorry I can’t do a retake, this was a once-only shot and I’m disappointed in my photography skills.   The little water drops are visible, but not as charming as they were in person.   Maybe I shouldn’t have used flash?

Sorry for not identifying these plants, I was so taken with the water drops that I forgot to ask what they are.

DSC01816.JPG water droplets (1)
Water drop
DSC01816.JPG water droplets
every little center had its own drop




lots of bubbles  
sorry I don’t know the name of these  
this shot has a little purple and white flower AND a tag  
reminds me a bit of Violets.   
thirsty little guys


DSC01817.JPG flats of little plants
twinkle light show