Promise in a Poem (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge entry)

  I am unique among my peers having arisen from the Winter more or less intact… if a bit bedraggled. One might say the word—disarray? to describe broken remnants and staring, bleary rimless eyes askew and discolored arrangement of my limbs and leaves, disheveled scraps of nascent green tones, silky serrated edges of hemline. Better days have been….and will be again and my modest Winter … Continue reading Promise in a Poem (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge entry)


(Day 12, 2017) which is worse…cold crisp snow that freezes the toes and tip of the nose that chills our  livers  and sends shivers up the spine —or melting  slush of wet and grime? in place of charming crunch of boots and pinching cheeks rosy and frosting young shoots discouraged from peeping ‘oer the sturdy ground that protects from  sinking deep in the mire… wading through former fresh fallen snow, now … Continue reading ambivalence