A Word About Words From the OED

The Oxford English Dictionary remains THE word bible of the English language.   The OED is available online, with a Word-of-the-Day feature to which one can subscribe without cost.   A full subscription is beyond my budget, and I do respect the OED’s the prohibition against re-posting in its entirety.   Anyone can subscribe to the daily word post  through the OED web site at http://www.oed.com/ to receive the without-cost daily.

Often these selected words grab my attention for various reasons, not only to find out what they mean, but also as discussion topics.

A recent word that intrigued me especially is  —  dis-candy — which means literally liquifying or melting candy (lemon drops, or life savers for example,) from its candied/solid state to the sticky gooey mess that sticks to everything when melted.

Shakespeare used the word to good advantage, with a metaphorical meaning, as taking the overly-sweet or romantic useage of cleaning up “purple prose” or misplaced or just overstated descriptions in a line of poetry or speech.    English teachers often like to “dis-candy” students’ writing.

My wonder isn’t really the word itself, but the prefix (DIS -candy. )    Some substance that starts out as a sticky-sweet solid that  deteriorates into a liquid, or disappears; or a cringe-worthy saccharine sweetness in speech or prose.     Upon consideration I suppose that (DE-candy) would have a different connotation, perhaps meaning some of the  ingredients or adjectives of said substance (i.e. lollypop,) or line of spoken words would be present originally, but removed from the final product never having existed.

Beside the point, neither of my two little desk go-to-dictionaries: The New Oxford Spelling Dictionary, 2014;   nor  The Merriam Webster Dictionary New Edition, 2004 include the word dis-candy.     My criteria for go-to-dictionaries is that they are small paperbacks that sit on a shelf above my computer and can be retrieved with one hand.






Wisteria in silence and sound

A scent of Wisteria
if real or fake
borne by warm breezes
over rippling tidewaters.

A ship’s sharp whistle
from deep in the gut,
as sweet music echoes
through silent halls

… a faceless, mute bibliotaph,
who treasures… within his soul…
sounds he cannot experience
except in his penetralia.

© Sometimes, 2017


This WORDLE #129, has languished in my notebook for months.    I do love these exercises offered frequently by MINDLOVEMISERY, and enjoy the challenge of making a poem or other form of writing, using at least ten specific words from a list of 12.  This Wordle words are: Wisteria, faceless, penetralia*, sharp, tidewater, fake, breeze, occur, mute, bibliotaph*, step, and guts.

penetralia: held in interior, core, deep, innards, etc… as in deep sometimes private thoughts or memories

bibliotaph: someone who hoards books, a book collector

Thinking about Gerunds

Sitting on the swing, and swinging, with Peggy
half asleep and full of bliss
and thinking about something I may have never
thought about before —except maybe in English class
back in the distant days of schooling.

In a daydreaming state, defying description,
except for some beautiful words:
words with lovely meanings of warmth and comfort
and a glorious state of well-being.

Getting to an upright position, from such a lap of luxury,
after napping on a swing on the last day of Summer
is a fete of accomplishment in itself!
limbs sleeping and creaking
glad to be alive!

©Sometimes, 2016

(Here’s a Wikipedia post that is a must for people who like Gerunds and the like.)


A-Z Challenge– Seeing C-Words

Clouds… something I never paid much attention to before this year, when they became one of my favorite photographic subjects.

Chuckles… with my sense-of-humor, which very few of my acquaintances seem to understand, exceptions being some of my blogger Chums

Children… three of them with C-Names: Candace, Constance, Carol.     We were on a roll when we named them.   Straight out of our Bible, which had lists of Saints’ names for prospective babies.     The first a compromise, the second named for one of my oldest long-term BFFs (Best Friends forever,) and the third…well, started with a C.   I love those names.

Crackers…animal, saltine, cheese…

CCR… Yes, Credence Clearwater Revival!   My all time favorite.  Yesterday we turned on an ancient “boom-box” stereo to see if it worked, and after fiddling for awhile it BLASTED out one of my all-time favorites:   Bad Moon Rising!   

Cleaning My House…. uh, not even close.

Cats.    No list of C-Words would be complete without Cats.  But half of my Blogging Buddies will write about Cats…hey, its a natural for a list of Alphabet Words.   Yes, I do love Cats, but that is a topic for its own Blog Post (again.)

Canada.  California.  Connecticut. Chiapas.  Calcutta. Catmandu (I know…it might be a K-word. (There must be more places that begin with the C-Word.)    Five C-Places, and I’ve only been to the first four.  I asked a British soldier who was stationed in Catmandu if it was as exotic as it was cracked-up to be–he said “No, not even close!”

Character/s.   I love people with Character.  To be more specific I should specify (I Can use the same word in different forms if I want to…)    Yes, it’s true that some have Bad Character, or Questionable Character, but most of those that I know are such that I would be willing to become a Character Witness if they ever need one.

So there we have it–my list of C-Words.




herding a flock of words



doodling with words,
like organizing sparrows,
can seem unseemly…

wasting energy
squandering creative muse,
nonsensical phrases!

then the herd decides
to cooperate fully…
scatters like the wind.

fly, then re-alight anew,
–into charming formations

sometimes when a flock
decides that it likes you
the result:  a Haiku!

© Sometimes, 2016

Words as song birds…


Sometimes words just gush and flow,
like bright blossoms from fruit trees
pooling in fragrant, untidy puddles
making way for tender new leaves.

Hark! to the bubbling and rippling sounds
of clear fresh water from the mountains,
gathering at edge of the singing stream,
to dry on the stones and be blown away.

Hark! as the breeze with soft warm caress
–seems as a maiden in gossamer dress
anxiously waiting in eager anticipation
to meet her true love at his returning.

Fleeting and ephemeral as the nature of spirits,
words weave in and out of the consciousness
searching for rhymes in which they may light
as if they were song birds pausing in flight.


Farewell the Muse

I’ll never write another word
–ever– I think, maybe a bit longer.

The Muse has left me, alone and mute
singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing
not bringing forth words of rhyme
or golden thoughts or phrases that soar
with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment
of the annunciation of the soul
(if that is even the right word.)

What does that mean?   My Muse does not respond.
Silence echoes across the lines, across the fields,
rich and full, and absence of sensation…or character.
There is no solution, no evolution…no rhythmic flow
of syllables, or stanzas, flights of fancy…
clever ways to express a notion
…or just to form  a simple phrase–
no silver tinged sunsets,
no tales from the depths of despair…
no soaring ecstasy of the bliss of a kiss.
Words which once were at the edges of my
repertoire –within easy reach of the empty voice–
now unknown to the barren and lonely page.

Then suddenly–as swiftly and silently as its sad departure–
My Muse is back!
Filled as ever with words and phrases–as  rapture
poignant, sad and delirious–silly and serious,
wisdom and whimsy, sense and nonsense–
my writer’s fickle heart welcomes
the return of the Muse
to fuel the rebirth of my soul.

©Sometimes, 2016