A Word About Words From the OED

The Oxford English Dictionary remains THE word bible of the English language.   The OED is available online, with a Word-of-the-Day feature to which one can subscribe without cost.   A full subscription is beyond my budget, and I do respect the OED’s the prohibition against re-posting in its entirety.   Anyone can subscribe to the daily word post  through the OED web site at … Continue reading A Word About Words From the OED

Wisteria in silence and sound

A scent of Wisteria if real or fake borne by warm breezes over rippling tidewaters. A ship’s sharp whistle from deep in the gut, as sweet music echoes through silent halls … a faceless, mute bibliotaph, who treasures… within his soul… sounds he cannot experience except in his penetralia. © Sometimes, 2017   This WORDLE #129, has languished in my notebook for months.    I … Continue reading Wisteria in silence and sound

Thinking about Gerunds

Sitting on the swing, and swinging, with Peggy half asleep and full of bliss and thinking about something I may have never thought about before —except maybe in English class back in the distant days of schooling. In a daydreaming state, defying description, except for some beautiful words: lingering meandering singing dreaming swinging remembering enjoying words with lovely meanings of warmth and comfort and a … Continue reading Thinking about Gerunds

A-Z Challenge– Seeing C-Words

Clouds… something I never paid much attention to before this year, when they became one of my favorite photographic subjects. Chuckles… with my sense-of-humor, which very few of my acquaintances seem to understand, exceptions being some of my blogger Chums Children… three of them with C-Names: Candace, Constance, Carol.     We were on a roll when we named them.   Straight out of our Bible, which had … Continue reading A-Z Challenge– Seeing C-Words

herding a flock of words

    doodling with words, like organizing sparrows, can seem unseemly… wasting energy squandering creative muse, nonsensical phrases! then the herd decides to cooperate fully… scatters like the wind. Individuals fly, then re-alight anew, –into charming formations sometimes when a flock decides that it likes you the result:  a Haiku! © Sometimes, 2016 Continue reading herding a flock of words

Words as song birds…

  Sometimes words just gush and flow, like bright blossoms from fruit trees pooling in fragrant, untidy puddles making way for tender new leaves. Hark! to the bubbling and rippling sounds of clear fresh water from the mountains, gathering at edge of the singing stream, to dry on the stones and be blown away. Hark! as the breeze with soft warm caress –seems as a … Continue reading Words as song birds…

Farewell the Muse

I’ll never write another word –ever– I think, maybe a bit longer. The Muse has left me, alone and mute singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing not bringing forth words of rhyme or golden thoughts or phrases that soar with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment of the annunciation of the soul (if that is even the right word.) What does that mean?   … Continue reading Farewell the Muse