whistling in the dark

The bad and the sad appear on their own,
evil and hunger cloaked in despair
where resentment and hatred
intrinsic to human nature
will abide and endure.

But Lo!  It is goodness and delight
and bright winking stars, and the moon…
which lighten the paths of the night.
So why, one wonders, are the Joys so illusive?
when all our emotions are inclusive.



Sleep Legacy

(Re-posted from the original, written in response to Day 3: Writing 101-Poetry, Sleep)

I can sleep anywhere, any time.
day or night…or afternoon
On airplanes or in cars
(when not driving)

Obviously a genetic trait,
the love of sleep,
and its never too late
to stop counting sheep.

A deep pleasure shared by many
of my progeny, whom I call
champions and pros:
They are World Class Sleepers all!