forlorn, so be forewarned

All right…you win. you have succeeded in reducing me to tears–again. I admit it is not so unusual. You think my heart is rechargeable, that just because you hear no sobs you think I have remarkable strength and persistence…. when in fact I am beaten and heart-sick at sitting here alone– with no idea where to turn. Our relationship has been good, with only occasional … Continue reading forlorn, so be forewarned

A Gift for Baby

                 A GIFT FOR BABY Hey little baby, what do you say? I’ve brought you a gift for your birthday. I think it will be your favorite gift, I know you will savor it as long as you have it. Among the bears and baby dolls, Rattles and things of lullabies, This gift is perfect for chewing and feels good to the gums. This … Continue reading A Gift for Baby