forlorn, so be forewarned

All right…you win.
you have succeeded in reducing
me to tears–again.

I admit it is not so unusual.
You think my heart is rechargeable,
that just because you hear no sobs
you think I have remarkable
strength and persistence….
when in fact I am beaten and
heart-sick at sitting here alone–
with no idea where to turn.

Our relationship has been good,
with only occasional heartache
as you sit there blinking,
or whirring…or devoid of ink.
One of these days I will break down
and give in…I think its time
to head for the printer store.


A Gift for Baby


               A GIFT FOR BABY

Hey little baby, what do you say?
I’ve brought you a gift for your birthday.
I think it will be your favorite gift,
I know you will savor it as long as you have it.

Among the bears and baby dolls,
Rattles and things of lullabies,
This gift is perfect for chewing
and feels good to the gums.

This Book is the best gift of all.
With word sounds as nice as they feel.
More precious than other gift buys
That are poorly regarded and soon discarded.

No hard decisions came to mind when
deciding what present to buy.
Price was no object yet the gift that I chose
is not pricey…but priceless.

Literacy the goal–many years hence–
tactile and visual treats for the senses.
All the prerequisites in content and theme
are tactful, thoughtful, and tasty.


Literate for a Day


May in Bombay

There was in Bombay a young lady named May
who more than anything, wanted her lover to stay
though she knew he had a life-long longing
to be a sailor, and sail away from Bombay
to work on a fine and glorious ship
with sails yet furled but soon
preparing to sail away.

There was in May a sailing ship set to sail
that needed a deck-hand to fill its crew.
The young sailor knew that his dream
was about to come true
though his heart ached and his eyes
teared for he knew that too soon
he would sail away
and leave behind his lovely May.

There was set to sail across the sea and away
a grand sailing ship with strong timber masts
and billowing sails, once underway.
The lad could see as the ship pulled away
from the dock…
back to the slim girlish form
in the bright yellow frock.
He watched and waited and felt his heart break,
and seized by a sharp stab of regret,
he vowed in his fervor, a promise
to return to Bombay–if it took forever.

But many long years came and went
as the ship maneuvered the crest of the sea
and adventure and circumstances
did not relent
and the whispers and wails of the salty winds
belabored his promise to return
to Bombay–and to May.

At last came a voyage which quickened his heart
and the great ship pulled into
a promising port
a great harbor festooned and bedecked
with much regalia and sport.
Then came the cry that gladdened his soul–
“On to Bombay!”

But the closer the shore, and the shorter the days,
a great fear grew in his heart
until he was near to drown in his sorrow
convinced that his lover must have found another
and the poor sailor moped in despair.

When the day finally came he helped
with the sails, and all that entailed,
and time dragged as the distance narrowed
Then–at last!
the sight of the shore and the lights of Bombay!
‘Twas misty and cool, and he barely dared to breathe
Then as the mist cleared–
behold on the dock!
stood his beloved lass May, alone and glowing
in her bright yellow frock.

They were wed on a bright sunny day in May
after May was assured that his dream
of being a sailor had passed,
and he’d had quite enough of the sea.
No regrets had he, as he and May
watched from the dock
and waved–all happy and gay–
as the ship took sail
and sailed away from Bombay.