Writings from the past

On my “writing shelf” there is an assortment of notebooks and journals, which surface now and then and entice my writers’ eye to once again peruse the long forgotten, ignored, or awaiting rediscovery, and perhaps publication, of some of my literary works of yore. As I struggle to surface from my self-imposed sabbatical, or writer’s sulk… it occurs to me that these scraps and bits … Continue reading Writings from the past

Farewell the Muse

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
I’ll never write another word –ever– I think, maybe a bit longer. The Muse has left me, alone and mute singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing not bringing forth words of rhyme or golden thoughts or phrases that soar with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment of the annunciation of the soul (if that is even the right word.) What… Continue reading Farewell the Muse

Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

  ONE resolution: this year SOMETIMES (THE BLOG) will return to the my Top, #1, Main Pursuit…..every day. Last year, 2017, was not my best year for writing and working on my blog.    Current events interfered with my goal, which was to put writing with a capital W at the top of my “things to do list.”      Oh sure, my postings were … Continue reading Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

New Leaf…stay tuned

OK.     Enough time has been wasted on the agonizing and agonistic misadventures of the United States Government (or lack thereof.)    I do hope to live long enough to ingrain some of the History of the World Under Trump into my DNA.   Right, I’m not even sure that is possible, about the DNA that is, but the truth is that until about twenty years ago I … Continue reading New Leaf…stay tuned

The Pen…by poet Charles Yonkings

The Pen There is a bang as the gavel strikes the bench. My mind unravels from the sentence that is imposed Just another case closed and life as I know it ends… Ten years thrice to serve in the pen. But then I pick up my pen and start to live again. With each stroke of  ink I transcend my transgressions, release my repressions. And … Continue reading The Pen…by poet Charles Yonkings

Second Guessing myself…

Day 8, 2017. Wow!  We are already heading into the second week of the new year.   January is the busiest month of the year as far as family birthdays count.   My late husband, two grandsons, a son, great-granddaughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law.  And that is just my immediate family, not counting at least one niece from my Florida-Clan. I used to send cards with detailed notes … Continue reading Second Guessing myself…

I’ll pick a BIC…pondering a pencil

At once the rhyme is stalled, the fluent flow of words stilled, the dulcet murmur bereft of sweet music of endless ages. The pencil point  rests upon a noun, its description lost and barren with failing adjectives and lingering resting diction… The words are there, upon the page, waiting patiently for the tender tenor of softly scratching graphite on white paper… So  satisfying are pages … Continue reading I’ll pick a BIC…pondering a pencil

Welcome back…Muse

suddenly the dam holding my attempts at poetry in abeyance has broken.  Praise be!   This was an especially long slump, and it probably won’t be my last, but I’m SO glad its over.   I have not even had my camera out except for ebay work—which means no autumn trees, no flowers, not even any cat pictures. Here’s one I wrote a while back…just waiting for … Continue reading Welcome back…Muse

STATS update…new record! Hourly views up to One from Zero! Woot…

I got a nice note from WordPress yesterday: On Sunday October 2 you surpassed your previous record of “most likes in one day” for your posts on Sometimes.    This is pretty awesome, well done! Current Record— 101 Old Record— 100   Then later on yesterday I had another message from WordPress: Your blog, Sometimes, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!   31 hourly views … Continue reading STATS update…new record! Hourly views up to One from Zero! Woot…

Dreaming imaginary Prague

(original title: Dreaming imagination) I have never been to Prague, except in daydreams… but my impressionable mind is easily led into the magical world of zithers and Gypsys, of violins singing and wailing in ageless melodies… music of joy and abandon…or sadness and melancholy. Put on your hat, my girl, and come along with me… We will trip the light fantastic (or is it a … Continue reading Dreaming imaginary Prague

Thinking about Gerunds

Sitting on the swing, and swinging, with Peggy half asleep and full of bliss and thinking about something I may have never thought about before —except maybe in English class back in the distant days of schooling. In a daydreaming state, defying description, except for some beautiful words: lingering meandering singing dreaming swinging remembering enjoying words with lovely meanings of warmth and comfort and a … Continue reading Thinking about Gerunds

childhood memories of war

Perhaps the most vivid memories of nursery tales were not of bunnies or bantering fairies…but of War and its aftermath.     We here in the United States did not suffer the horrors that children in other countries did, the bombings and air raids and worse.   But such accounts were very much vicariously present.    And directly following the Hot War followed the Cold War, with its insidious psychological terror. I … Continue reading childhood memories of war